Gorilla ruined my project

scarlett2001July 12, 2011

Does anybody know of a good glue that will hold buttons to wood and can be out in the weather? I made a door hanger - wooden sunflower head with buttons in the center for the "seeds" - used Gorilla glue and it looked fine - until later, when the glue expanded all over the place and made it look really sloppy. Gorilla holds very well but expands 3 to 4 times as it sets, which means you can't see where it will show until it's too late.

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I'm not a fan of gorilla either. Here is a site for ya

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Thanks! I will try that site.

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why don't you try what they use to glue glass together for the plate flowers and totems that are outside summer and winter. Go to Lowes and get some GE Silicone Caulk for windows and doors. It comes in a tube that is used with the caulk gun or they have it in small tube, but that is more expensive. I have glued a lot of things with this and it dries clear. You can also smooth a small about on your buttons. I have met my stuff outside winter and summer and I live in Indiana where we have had some really rough winters. This is great stuff, I don't like gorilla glue either.

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The trouble with gluing small buttons is that they are slightly dished. So if you glue them with the concave side facing up, the glue seeps through the holes and if you try to glue them convex side up, there is very little area touching the base.

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I would use E6000. Since I discovered it about 4 years ago I use it for anything outside and inside. It will hold outside in the Texas sun for about 3 years. It is clear and does not shrink or expand. Comes in a tube for about $4.00.

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