What do you think of your walk-in shower?

terissdNovember 29, 2008

We're building a house with a walk-in shower in the master bath. I guess we're wondering if it will be chilly and drafty without a shower door. Any thoughts or tips?

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I think this would depend on the size of the shower regarding the draft. We are using a 48 inch shower with a door because we don't want the shower curtain hitting our legs. You can get a curved rod which may help if you don't like doors. Either way, I dont think a chill is a problem.

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I used a walk-in shower at a resort... it was very chilly & drafty!
DH did not care for it either, and he is way more tolerant than I am.

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Our shower is about 42x101. Right now there is no door (there will be one eventually). I don't consider it drafty. I love it, it's one of our favorite things about the house.

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Maybe that 101 cuts down on the draft. The one we were in was only about 48".
Do you enter at an angle and/or on that short side?

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Mine is 99x76 and isn't drafty at all. We never use the rain shower head but other than that, it's one of our favorite things too.

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beachlily z9a

My walk-in shower is 35" wide and 90" long. We enter on a corner of the long side. The tiled wall is 87" tall (creates a 3 ft "gap" above the wall so that the big fan can keep the shower dry). Works like a champ and isn't drafty at all.

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Ours wasn't drafty, but it didn't get that "steamy, cozy, very warm" feeling that the tiny shower stall in the old house achieved. However, we liked it enough to repeat it in the house we're in the middle of building. No door on either of them.

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We love ours. We have no door, don't know the dimensions off the top of my head ( not at home) but it's probably something in the area of of the 48x96 dimension. Ours enters on the end of the long dimension and actually has a half way that seperates it from the tub area. There is a window over the tub- I can see out the window while in the shower, which I love. I can actually see my horses while showering.

We have the multi heads and use them much of the time. We actually splurged on our shower. We are both glad we did as we use it every day! Sometimes more than the kitchen! We were living in an old farm house- so this is a dramatic difference for us.

It is not cold or drafty. We keep our master suite fairly cool in the winter and I haven't been cold in the shower at all. In fact I would get colder in the old tub/shower combo when the curtain gaped.

Here's a pic showing the entrance. Please excuse the cute little munchkin - of course why would I want to take a picture if it wasn't of him? LOL

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I think not having to clean a shower door will make all the difference to me!

Haven't used the walk-in shower yet, as we haven't moved in yet, but that was a big factor for me. I put a towel warmer right outside the shower opening to kind of help, if it got too cold.

We could always add a shower door if needed.

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We love ours, too. The shower in our guest bath is also a walk-in. Both are completely lined with the same slate tiles we use for our floors, and we've never found them drafty. Plus, the openings were both sized to be wheelchair friendly, as this is our last house, and we want them to be able to accomodate our future needs.

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Love ours too. We have radiant heat so cold drafts not a problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: house

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This is hard to quantify. If you keep your house at summer temps all year -- or are in a warm climate to begin with -- I suppose you'd not be cold anywhere in the house. If you are someone who wears 'long underwear' all winter, and whose circulation is underpar -- I suppose you'd be cold everywhere...especially when naked and wet.

I have a friend who is always cold. She hated their walk-in shower and *loved* our completely enclosed 'steam' shower, even without the steam on.

Maybe you have to consult with your HVAC sub. Having heated flooring in a bathroom should certainly help if it goes under the shower area.

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This is a question I just wouldn't have the nerve to ask if we were face-to-face, but I really would like to know: how often do you clean all the walls of a walk-in shower? And how long does it take?

My present shower is a 42" glass with one wall fibreglass, I clean it after every use, which takes max about 2 minutes. DH wants a walk-in saying it would be useful if handicapped, and I'm thinking "No way" do I want all that wall area, but maybe I'm overestimating the time care requires.

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Personally, I like the cozy feel of a steamy shower. We have radiant heat in the floor and the built in bench. I think if I were to go for a door-less shower, I'd consider putting radiant heat behind the walls as well.

I solved part of the cleaning dilemma by using textured glass rather than clear for the shower. The pattern (we used "rain glass") hides random water spots very well. The added bonus is that the patterned glass makes it so I don't feel like I'm on display like a fish in an aquarium. *grin*

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I'm with meldy on shower size. I want enough to be comfortable, but not something I hesitate to use because it's such an effort to clean it. (I have silverware to fill that role! LOL)

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My cleaning lady uses a big utility broom & Bar Keeper's Friend for the ceiling, walls and floor which is all travertine. Takes about 10 minutes and she really works up a sweat!

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After DH showered, he did a quick squeegie of the glass block walls -- maybe 1 minute. I tended to use the tub more often, but when I showered, I used an old bath towel to wipe down the glass blocks and the tile walls, then threw it on the floor and "walked" it around. It took me 2 minutes, tops. Once every six months I steam-mopped the floor. That kept it spotless. The last two years I had cleaning ladies, and I think they sprayed the glass blocks occasionally.

Literally, keeping this shower clean was one of the easiest cleaning tasks in the house.

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Yes, I forgot to say that the super cleaning only happens occasionally, maybe once every couple of months. With a water softener we don't have any water spots and soap scum only builds up on the floor around the drain.

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Ours is "easy" to clean. LOL- just not by me.

Honestly I haven't ever cleaned it. I have a cleaning lady. She has not complained so far. I have a deal with myself....I clean the barn, not the house, plus I work very hard - the cleaning lady keeps me happy, very happy. You know that saying when Momma is happy..... it is especially true in the realm of cleaning house.

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