Out of steam --- I'm giving up crafts ~~

toomuchglassJuly 24, 2008

This is something I thought I'd never say ! But yes ...... I am. I've been crafting since I was .....uuuummmmm ... about 10 years old . I'm 54 now. I feel like I've done everything - seen the rise and fall of every craft ... rode the waves of every new trend and made good money .

I'm getting old and I can see things will never be like they used to be.

So much has changed - (IN MY AREA) ........ I can't say I blame anyone. That's just the way it is. I'm giving it up . I'll still look at everyone's crafts and envy them! LOL .......

Boy - I'm gonna have one helluva rummage sale .......


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Gee whiz! You have a long way to go yet. I am 76 and can't tell you how many times I said those same words you just uttered. Just ask my son who helped pack up all the junk I had to have two yrs. ago and transport across the country to a new life.

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I understand your frustration... I have never hit the hi-highs... because

I didn't put my all into it... only to go to a show to see those who really did put their all in it had the same outcome as I did.... nothing....

I am now altering my style... I am going into teaching crafts.. Just had a meeting today with the local rec center... and we will see...

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I agree with tomboy, maybe try using your talents with a group of kids is what you need. We even have a homeless guy in the neighborhood, who hangs out at a couple local coffee shops and on Wednesday afternoon you can see him with a group of kids at a local fast food joint showing them how to draw. He drew my mom one day at the coffe shop and thats how I got to meet him. He is a talented guy with nothing much to his name, but sharing with someone else is what keeps him going.

When I suggested I would lead a craft at cubscouts the leader just sneered. He thought crafts always involved a skein of yarn or toilet paper rolls. When I suggested bowling ball mosiacs I think I bowled him over. They made birdhouses and feeders etc. I dont have kids of my own so when I borrow one of my friends, we often have a craft day, So before you decide on your big rummage sale, consider sharing. It will do both you and someone else a lot of good.

PS I have seen some of the stuff you have done, so you could share with me too. (just finished my first moaic top of a table today.)

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I did it just a couple of weeks ago. You might have read my threads and looked at my photos.

I still have to go thru the mound of scrapbooking papers (for making cards) and I have about 200 expensive rubber stamps to get rid of. I kept my crocheting and a few boxes of stuff I remember really enjoying (like little dolls with wooden ball heads)

I have to go thru my sewing drawrs and delete all the extra thread etc. The lady who took my craft stuff will be happy when I finish.
Good l;uck to you.

this last week visiting DS got all my Christmas decor boxes down for me and I've finished pricing about half of the stuff. for a sale around Oct or Nov. I'm so glad I took so many photos of my decor themes and things.

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I forgot to say that 54 is not old. Get that out of your thinking right away!!!!!

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I think we all have had times we've felt like you do now. Think we have so much stuff taking up space and projects we will never finish (and maybe don't even like anymore!) and that we should just clear it all out. However, the times I've tried to actually sort through mine and clear some of it out--I end up saying "I'd better keep those, I might need them someday", or " Oh, I always meant to make those, I should do that" or "Maybe these would be fun to make when my GD gets a little older." So other than a few items, most of mine remains right where it is! LOL

I think wanting to clean up and clear out is sort of an "age" thing that we all go through around your age--but you still have a lot of years and creativity in you, and I doubt you will be content if you don't have ways to express your creativity. So my suggestion would be to thin some out, but keep some as well--just in case! ;o) Luvs

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That's how I got so overwhelmed with craft supplies .... famous last words ~~


ROFL !!!!!

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Gosh Kathy, I'm going to miss seeing your creations here. They were always fantastic.


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With the teaching... I will share my craft w/out angst to sell... I will get paid.. and for now I can supply the class w/my stock & be paid for it as well!

Mostly, I can do what I love... and see the stuff got toward folks who will/can appreciate it.

I will keep a small amount of stuff I really enjoy... like vintage suitcases, decoupage medium, and cool wallpaper books.

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That's how I got so overwhelmed with craft supplies .... famous last words ~~

Pretty much the same here, only I have too much fabric (about 12 large plastic bins full). I do have some crafts, but I've never done craft shows. Everytime I go into my sewing room I get overwhelmed. I keep thinking of the things I could be making, but I don't know where to start first. Last week I cut out a few small stockings from a pattern for my Christmas tree this year. They are still lying there on the sewing machine table waiting for me to make them.

Now whenever I go to Walmart or any fabric or craft store, all I do is mostly walk around a look. BTW, I'm 53.

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Sorry, I meant to say that all I do is mostly walk around and just look, but I hardly ever buy fabric/craft supplies anymore.

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Glad I'm not alone on this one. I just cleaned out my craft room and packed up about 8 boxes of "stuff" that has accumulated there. I called up a senior's residence in my hood and asked if they could use some crafting supplies. The woman who answered my call was absolutely thrilled as there isn't much money to buy supplies for these seniors.

She was thrilled to receive, I was happy to give.

BTW, I'm 63 and am starting to run out of steam so have narrowed my passions to a couple of areas.

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Donnas, I know how you feel. In my mind, I still want to make something, but when it comes time to actually do it, I tend to procrastinate. I think it would be so much more fun to have a friend to work with. Their enthusiasm and ideas would really help to motivate me. I just don't know anyone who is really into crafting anymore.
Part of the problem if you are not into making things to sell, is not "needing" anything, and not knowing what to do with it after you make it. Seems silly just to make something and then stuff it in a drawer or the storage shed.
And decorating styles have changed/evolved. I used to have wood cutouts on shelves and walls, and cutesy pillows on the couchs. Now most of that is "out" and things are more streamlined. That's not to say I haven't kept some of my favorite things, but I display allot less now.

Your little stockings sound cute, maybe you could make extras for neighbors/friends as a surprise gift. I know I usually get more done if I'm making something for someone else.

Your description of walking around the stores just looking at everything sounds just like me. I really get overwhelmed when I walk down the scrapbooking isles--so much to choose from--makes it harder for me to make a decision! LOL

I've discovered some fun creative blogs that I really enjoy looking at, and am so pleased to see someone still crafting. Many of them seem to be selling on Etsy. I enjoy seeing what they are making, even if I don't need a "crown" or a "swag". I do love the pin cushions made inside a pretty teacup or sugar bowl though, and I love seeing all the painted items and furniture transformations.
But unfortunately, so far they haven't motivated me to go "make something". LOL


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Maybe you just need to rest your mind and body for awhile and not have to worry about it.I know it can be very discouraging when things do not go well. I haven't done many craft shows, but there is MUCH WORK involved-setting up, transporting stuff back and forth,etc.And seems like many people want you to give it to them!!! From looking at the things I have seen on here I think you have a gift from above for creating beauty. So just
enjoy your self for awhile and I believe that one day you will start making beauty again!
I enjoy crafts also, and on occasion when things start to pile up, I just put a small ad in the paper and sell from my front yard! Not like a regular show, but interested people do come.
Blessings on you,

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I think crafting and quilting go in and out of favor. I remembr when in the 50's you couldn't find but a couple of books on them in the library and in the late 60s and 70s they started booming. My BIL was an Exec of Herrsner's Cataloge and my DS used to make samples up for their catalog. I think the hippie generation had a lot to do with the emergence of home-crafts so to speak. The call to get back to Mother nature included going back to the old ways. Gradually it got more sophisticated and caught on. Quilting seems to be still hanging on / I did some and took some classes and Loves I agree with you without someone to "do" with or share it just loses its appeal.
I was never into scrapbooking but still have a lot of papers and supplies for cardmakin they are hard to go thru and "give up" and let's not beging to talk about rubber stamps. I wish I had the money I spent on those!!!

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A few years ago I went through a depression, since losing my granddaughter and MIL, within weeks of each other, and although crafting had been a huge part of my life since I was a young child, I decided I had had enough.....packed up all of my stuff, and gave some to my sister, and the rest to the senior center here in town so they could make things for their holiday sales. They use this money to help others in their small community or to go on trips! They loved it!
But once I got into my normal way of thinking again, I sure did miss my stash! But, decided to buy only what I neeed for the projects I am doing! Well, needless to say..."THAT" idea didnt last long! I am a fanatic for different fabrics, and ended up looking for some of the fabrics I got rid of, and have built my fabric stash again......but since then I have also gotten into paper crafting....had to have a cricut, a sizzix, a scorpal, cropodile, etc, and naturally my fascination with diffrerent fabrics, has transferred to different papers, still have my fabric collection, and add to it now and again, but I found that papers take up a lot less room and I am more apt to use them. I dont have much time now with my restaurant as I work about 16 hrs a day, so I have to take my stuff with me and when I get a few minutes, I sneak into my office and make stuff for the restaurant. I make my own signs, business cards, decorations for my windows (right now I want to do a huge display for back to school) . I have huge windows, 6 of them at the front of my restaurant, so lotsa room to be creative! And naturally my grandchildren help!
So, do what ya gotta do about your stuff, but just remember, you might regret getting rid of some of it, but if so, you can find most of it again somewhere..i got what I really wanted back on Ebay
I am about to turn 53, and cant imagine my life without crafts...but dont get into it as much since my sister moved to West Virginia to be closer to her kids, and my best friend moved to New Mexico....they were my inspiration! But I am doing okay by myself!

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I think that sometimes crafting is a bit lonesome.....
SO........share it with others. Make a craft club that incorporates making crafts with getting together socially.......kindog like a book club.
Take turns "leading" the group......planning the craft and "hosting" the party.

Maybe it's time to "catch" the fever WITH someone.....and share your talents with those that would really, really appreciate it!!!!!!
Just an idea......

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Boy - you all have some great insights !
((((( Everyone !! ))))))) Crafting is LONELY . I always wished for a crafting buddy. My history of crafts for the last 10 years of stained glass was ....
RUSH RUSH RUSH . Mass production. Crank it out . Deadlines. Orders. More orders. Sell wholesale . Have enough stock for craft fairs. Sign up for as many as I can.

********** And before that ****** I did tole painting. Not only painting - but cutting my own wood out... making all of my own projects. Cut - paint - cut - paint - cut paint .....ugh. I actually had to go to Phy. Therapy because from sitting so much - I couldn't straighten my legs out flat ! The muscles got tight ! Can you believe that ???

I guess I just burnt myself out . ( It doesn't help that I want to do every craft I see ~ LOL ) I'm still doing what I said I Was going to do - Get rid of so much "unused" craft supplies. Maybe once I take a break .... walk onto a clean and uncluttered craft room ... I'll feel better.
*Then -- it will be only crafting for MYSELF * ... at my leisure.

PS - thanks for convincing me I'm not OLD ~~ LOL !!!

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With crafting, you do work creatively and alone; sometimes late at night. When my kids were little that worked well--I was so tired from teaching, cooking, cleaning,taking kids to lessons, socializing with friends, etc that it was nice to sit and craft. As you get older the rythms of your life change and you sit more so crafting maybe isn't the same relaxing recreational choice you once needed. I try to be outside gardening, walking and taking photos now because the rest of my life at work is more sedentary. So if I sit in front of a computer for 8 hours at work then coming home to sit and sew or quilt makes me feel creeky and achy when I finally stand up. Its true there is a lot of action if you are cutting out your own wood, etc. At 52 I do think you are very wise to look at yourlife and make changes., because pretty soon your health and physical condition begins to change; very subtly at first if you are lucky, but it will change.

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Just in the past week or so, I've been cleaning out my stuff...I have books and patterns that I'll never, ever use and hopefully someone else can put to good use. I've separated everything that I'm interested in and alot of the books are going to our local Library...
I've done my share of craft shows and now just want to concentrate on quilting, crocheting and cross stitching for friends and family...
Toomuchglass, You're certainly not old....At 71, I don't think I'm old, but things do change....Go with your gut!

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could you post some photos of your wall flowers to motivate me to get to work?

Thanks! :)

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