Dragons and Wizards

sharonxp1November 15, 2003

I am looking for fantasy charts. Dragons, wizards etc. I have done a few but they are hard to find. If anyone has any they don't use or knows where they could be found please let me know

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I have a dragon surronding a castle in the clouds. I have it laminated in clear plastic so that it won't get damaged. I also have a water dragon attacking a castle that I got at Hobby Lobby. What are you looking for exactly?

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The water dragon attacking the castle is one that I especially would like.
The one I am working on at the moment is the Dimensions chart "Magnificent

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i collect them email me

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i have a theresa wentzler chart of a dragon and a castle...email me if you're interested and i can maybe help you out

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I am interested in anything to do with dragons and wizards for a gift. Can anyone help me?

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Count me in here if you don't mind, I personally love Wizards, Dragons, Fairies, anything of another world (ok that sounds ETish, let me clairify, I do believe these creatures exsist, I just think they got fed up wioth our wastefulness and our messiness and found a way to another dimention where they didn't have to put up with us) Ok I know I sound really off the wall by the psyc hospital won't take me sorry :P
Anyways, yeah like I said I'll be grateful if people can pass on patterns I have ones I can share too.


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i would realy love any dragon designs if anyone can help thanks heaps

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To all those dragon lovers out there! Go to the www.crossmyheartinc.com site. They have 4 in particular that are very nice. Not to mention a host of other great books for sale. Carol

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