minnie_txJune 22, 2007

Look in the gallery to see two purses I posted that my sister made back in 1976. She did beautiful miniature work and miniature rooms 1" = 1'

She made purses one year for Christmas. The purses are wood and are 11 1/2" by 7" by 3" deep

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Wow Minnie, those are beautiful. I checked each of your posts and want to tell you all of those items are just adorable. I love the two bunnies you picked up at a tag sale, those are really cute.

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Thanks, all of a sudden I'm finding bunnies for ridiculous prices at sales. I bought one yesterday for 50¢ and will post a pic later.

I hope to post pics of some of the miniature rooms my sis made for me a long time ago. Everything had to be 1 inch equals 1 foot scale. She was a beautiful person and a wonderful talent. Looks like I'm hogging the gallery!!

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