NXR range install

vanhmd4December 3, 2012

After perusing all of the info on NXR 30 here, I still have one ?. Their website describes it as freestanding vs slide-in. The pictures don't help 100% and need to know if the cooktop itself flanges out over the countertop on either side of the range. I am replacing a slide-in and not sure a freestanding would do. Countetops are new a few years back, so modification is not an option. Thanks

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Free-standing ranges do not overlap the counters on the side like a slide-in but free-standing ranges are intended to slide in all the way to the back wall whereas slide-ins require a countertop strip behind the range. Often this is a removeable strip provided either by your fabricator or by the range manufacturer - rather than an intergral part of the countertop itself. If you can remove the strip behind the range or have the fabricator do it, you'll probably be ok. You should also verify that the width of your countertop opening is sufficient for the new range.

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The NXR is most definitely a freestanding stove and not a slide-in. The sides are vertical all the way to the top. There is no cooktop overhang/flange.

Also, the NXR is a true 30" wide stove rather than the standard 27 7/8" width. Both free-standing and slide-ins are 27 7/8" wide with slide-ins having the cooktop overhang/flange that goes wider above the countertops. If you are considering the NXR for an existing cut-out, measure the cut-out carefully. In theory, cabinet installers and countertop fabricators assume a 30 1/8" cut-out. In theory, an NXR can be shoved into the space. But but it can be tough to shoehorn a 300 pound stove in with such limited tolerance.

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I'm not sure about JWVideo's comment that 27 7/8" is the standard range width. I just measured my DCS range and it's 29 7/8" and my cutout is exactly 30". I have a nice tight fit with barely a gap and no problem sliding the range out when necessary. Of course, I had the range in place when they templated and installed my counters.

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Ooopps. I meant 29 7/8". Sorry.

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