cross stitch stories good or bad, strange or fun

Bren27November 12, 2005

I once made a cross stitch for a wedding gift. A bride and groom. With alot of white on white. I pulled to hair out three times before I was satisfied with the colour match to the couple. It took me about four months to make. The couple was married less than three months and the groom gave it back to me thinking I might want it.

How about some stories.

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Ouch! SIL (DH's sis) must have dropped the sampler I made for her wedding because the frame was crooked and it no longer had glass. Oh, well, she didn't treat the marriage any better.

I don't know what happened to that sampler, but they didn't give it back. But I only make samplers for my blood relatives now!

I did read about someone who got a wedding sampler back from the framer on the day of the wedding (isn't that always the case), so she handed it to her father to wrap since she had to get dressed. Dad put it in the first box he could find that fit, from a toilet seat.

The bride and groom thanked the woman for her gift, saying, "It's so unusual." She took it as a compliment to her thoughtfulness and stitching skills. It wasn't til a few years later that they actually opened the box and saw the sampler.

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This is really nothing but about 6yrs. ago I lost a whole plastic case of floss wound on bobbins. Thought I left them some where when we were on vacation so I had to buy all of the floss over again. Last month I was in a clostet full of craft stuff digging for something and you gessed it I found that bobbin box way on the bottom. How it got there I don't know but I now have a lot of doubles in my DMC collection.

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My SIL is a perfectionist and has been known to rip out huge sections of stitching because she discovered one stitch the wrong color! My philosophy is that no one will know the difference, and it's my own little bit of creativity! hehehe

One time for my brother & SIL I stitched the words to the 12 days of Christmas in the shape of a Christmas tree. After stitching, beads were added in the open letters to look like lights. As I was adding the beads I discovered that I had misspelled (mis-stitched?) the word "eighth" - of course it was in the middle of the tree with no easy way to fix it, so I just hoped they wouldn't notice!

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