Help me find the awning hardware

t1nkerJune 12, 2008

I am trying to find the hardware for this window awning for the inside. Could someone help me.,30587,849140_775720,00.html this is the link for the picture I am new at this so not sure how to upload the photo.

Here is a link that might be useful: Southern living

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Oh gosh, Tinker, I was hoping someone on here could help you. I know nothing about this kind of thing. Wonder if someone on the Home Decorating forum would know? Maybe print out a picture and take it to JC Penney with you. I hear their curtain dept. is pretty good. Those sure look pretty. Good luck with your search. Luvs

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If you check some local gardening centers of even places like JoAnn Fabrics perhaps you could find something similar to what you're looking for and have it cut down to size.

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Can you recreate the look with small flag holders, pipe or dowels and rod caps? Or how about a flag pole? Have you done a google image search on this?

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I was curious enough to do a google image search. There was one photo that showed up very similar to yours. It was the front of a small old store, but from a photographer's site. I suspect the ones in your pic are antiques. But as others have suggested, you could easily make them. The idea of flag pole holders is great. Then you could buy curtain rod spears (have seen them at Target) and add to metal poles.

There were a few links for decorative awning supports, I googled "wrought iron support brackets". The products were really expensive, but worth a look.

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I want this, too. I've been searching online, and have contacted a business about custom made. I will let you know if I find anything.

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