Cleaning between the glass on oven doors

BarbaravDecember 30, 2013

This may seem like a crazy question to some, but it's important to me. The last new range I had (another house and 11 yrs ago) was a glass top electric kenmore. When I accidentally spilled sauce while removing a pan from the oven, it dripped between the layers of glass on the oven door. Thank goodness I was able to take the door apart to clean it or that drip would've driven me crazy. Now I'm in the market to replace a coil top range in our new home with some sort of induction cooktop/wall oven or slide in range, and it is unclear where I would find that information. I have called the manufacturers of Bosch, and know you cannot clean (disassemble) the doors on their wall ovens. Electrolux you can. Does anyone know if you can clean the GE profile induction range? I've inquired on their site but haven't gotten an answer. Thanks.

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There are some ovens with solid doors without any glass. You might want to investigate those too. With those you have to open the door to see what's going on inside but it does solve the problem you're concerned with. You might also look at French door ovens which open sideways and would be more difficult to spill things between the glass.

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I know it happened to the OP, but is this something that occurs often (or was she just unlucky)?

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I've seen it reported occasionally here on this forum. Some (all?) oven doors have vent holes in the top edge of the door so it's possible but not too likely that you can spill something down there. Others on this forum have attempted to remove the door and clean it - some going as far as having a service call to have it done. Others probably just ignore it if it happens.

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Not a simple task.
Even the Electrolux is quite tricky because if you simply take out the fasteners (without clamps in place that can be gradually loosened), you run the risk of bending the thin gauge stainless steel cover out of shape.

Probably the most practical fix would involve mounting the oven door upside down and enlarging the cooling air flow bottom edge slots so that chemical cleaners, something like a small pressure washer, and small long handled brushes could be brought to bear on the problem. Sounds like a good hobby project for somebody who likes solving puzzles.

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Thanks for your suggestions. Weissman, I don't think I've ever seen an oven wi/o a glass door. Sjhockeyfan, some ovens have the vent holes on the inside face of the oven door at the top, so when you open the door to take out a bubbling lasagna or apple pie, it can easily drip into those holes. It's not something I thought about until it happened to me. That drip drove me nuts for 6 months or so, until I finally called Kenmore to see if anything could be done. That's when I learned that you could unscrew the door to get to the inner layer of glass. I then wrongly assumed that you could do that with all brands and forgot about it. Until I began looking for a wall oven to go with a Bosch induction cooktop. I thought I had settled on the Bosch 500 when I read the review from women who had done exactly what I did with the Kenmore. Sure enough I called Bosch to confirm that you could not clean between the glass. That is a deal breaker for me. Laat2, even though taking the door apart was not the easiest, I was able to do it myself AND get rid of that darn drip! I just read another post saying that Bosch may be introducing a side opening wall oven in the Spring...maybe something to consider?

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I'm not sure there are wall ovens without glass doors but there are definitely some ranges that have solid doors. Also, I think some Gaggenau wall ovens open sideways.

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The OP said that the prototype was similar to the Gaggenau, but less expensive. They are pretty aren't they? Thanks.

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I was easily able to open up the door/glass on my NXR.

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FWIW, the phone rep advised against taking the door apart to clean up a spill between the glass panels on the new GE induction range. She suggested it be done by a service technician.

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