making jewelry out of flowers...?

Vicki_ILJune 15, 2008

I'm looking for patterns, instructions, etc. on how to make jewelry using dried flowers like from wedding bouquets, etc. Anyone here know anything about this?


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have never made the beads myself, its on my long list of things I want to try, if this is what you are talking about check out the link, its for rose beads but says you can use any flowers.

Here is a link that might be useful: flower beads

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I've never even heard of flower beads but found this interesting. My monitor makes the color of the bead look brown. Do all the flower colors end up brown? Don't they crumble after a while? I am looking for something fun to do for my spirit.

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Maybe you could try the popular resin jewelry. I haven't tried to do many dried plant materials except baby's breath, but I have SEEN photos of other people using dried red rosebuds,and the color stayed red. So far I've only made them in spoons, but I bought candy molds at a yard sale to do some like that.

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resin jewelry instructions here -,2025,DIY_13762_5731337,00.html

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY resin jewelry

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I have used dried flowers a lot for various projects.

As far as the natural color remaining, it depends on the flower.
Some keep their pretty natural color while others fade out or turn brown.

For the ones that don't keep their natural color, I water down acrylic paint and give them a light coat of paint.
Don't get them too wet...just a light coat.
Let them dry a couple of days and then use.

Hope this helps.

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