Hot glue for hot summer temps on wreath?

naturepersonJune 5, 2009

Will hot glue work to attach flowers to a wreath that will be used on the exterior front door? The florals are wired to sticks poked into the grapevine wreath, but I thought adding some glue to it also should keep it intact. Or will the hot glue melt in outdoor temps?

Any other suggestions?

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Might be better to use Weldbond, QuickGrip or E6000 as the hot glue does melt,& if sun shines on it certainly well. All of those glues are available at Michael's or Joanne's etc. maybe K-Mart or Wal Mart too. Birds might pick it apart if not securely glued in. Jan

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Try good old Elmer's glue along with the hot glue - the hot glue is immediate and the Elmer's will hold thru the heat and the cold weather too.

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Grandma Bonnie, is that Elmer's glue-all I think the school glue is washable so if got wet would run. I use the Glue-All on the cut ends of rose bushes so borers don't go in them. And it doesn't wash off. Jan

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Hot glue will let loose because it stays stiff when dry and does not expand or retract with changing temps. For outdoor wreaths and other projects I use Aleene's Tacky or Aleene's Super Tacky glue. Both will expand and retract with the changing temps and will not 'let go'.

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Thanks, everyone. I had some E6000, so I used that and will see how well it holds up. The wreath will not be exposed to the rain and direct sun due to the overhang over the front door, so that should help.

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Reason I know hot glue melts is I hot glued vinyl strip back on to side of car. It was fine all winter. Come 100 degree day & it popped loose! I used E6000 & that worked. Jan

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Jan - I'll check my Elmer's. Yep, it's the regulqar glue - Not the school glue but I know that you can wash the regular glue off your hands - never tried to wash it off once it dried though. :)

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