raising those Sams style folding tables to counter height

onabalconyJune 1, 2012

I really need a 36" tall surface in my craft room to save my aching back! I have an old school 6-foot long folding table that weighs a ton, well not really, but it's much heavier than the ones you see at Sam's Club these days. The table surface is 30 inches tall and probably 30 inches across and the legs fold up under the table top. Has anyone ever come up with a method to raise such a table from its normal 30 inch (traditional table) height to that of a 36" kitchen counter height? PVC pipe to extend the legs perhaps?? I'm wracking my brain here! Many thanks for any and all ideas!

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Do a search. There seem to be several ideas. Bed risers look like an easy and inexpensive solution.

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Thanks! I actually did think about bed risers but to raise three tables 6 inches = $$ :( I'm hoping for a uber-cheap diy solution!! Sorry I didn't mention that minor tiny detail in my original plea.

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If you could find pvc pipe just slightly bigger around than the legs, you could possibly cut off a length 12" or longer and drill a hole straight through at 6". Thread a bolt through it and cap it with a nut. Stick the table leg down it. You could try it with one table first to make sure it was stable.

Also could mak your own bedrisers with coffee cans or pvc. Fill them with plaster of paris or concrete to the desired height and set table legs down them.

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I use PVC pipe to raise the height of my tables... I have a bend near the bottom of the legsd like this
and the 12" - 21/4" pipe works great!

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When I was still sewing, after we moved to this house and got a new dining table, we took the old one to the basement, and DH built a platform for it to sit on at a good height for me to pin and cut my patterns. I don't know if that will work cost wise for you or not.


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I know that people have used canned fruits or veggies to raise those legs. Easy enough to use full or empty, and certainly not that expensive.


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I just successfully raised up my Samsonite folding table (purchased from Lowe's a few years ago). The diameter of the table legs is one inch. I went to my local hardware store and asked them to cut four 12" long pieces of 1" PVC pipe. Total cost: .89 cents each. I had to take the rubber foot protectors off of the table legs in order for the PVC to slide over the legs. The finished height is 37.5". Tomorrow I plan to go back to the hardware store and ask them to cut an additional 1.5" off of each PVC pipe so that my table height will be 36" ("counter height"). Hope this helps!

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