Odd things you've collected over the years

toomuchglassJune 17, 2010

I've collected alot of ordinary things that crafters collect .... but over the years , I've kept some odd stuff. ( Well- people here won't think it's odd ~ LOL ~ but anyone else would ! )

Let's see ....

I have the springs that I cut out of an old recliner that we junked.

I have an unusual pine cone called "mountain roses" ( from someone on the internet )

I cut up a metal patio table and kept the parts to weld something someday .

I have a bucket of broken tempered glass .

I have an old Pick ax . Old saw blades. Odd bird feathers.

Deer antlers. Different types of heavy chain (for welding ) . Old pulleys.

I could list so much more ... but this is the kind of "odd stuff" I keep .

What kind of cool , Odd stuff did you collect ?

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Oilers,oil cans the little ones you pop oil from bottom over 500 I have brass,copper,zinc,cast iron cute

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We have a old wooden screen doors without the screens, also inserts to the old wooden changeable kind. Window insert without windows, screen insert with broken screen. Unfortunately none of them fit one of our old doors that needed a screen insert so we had one made. Don't know where the door went that they go to. I use one of the windowless inserts (many panes) in my truck to make a extra layer when buying plants for the garden club in the spring. It will make a great trellis or part of an arbor someday, I hope. A huge pile of good wood. Dh salvages it. We have used some such as the nice birch bead board that we used on the closed in end of our new screen porch. And dh made a frame for my mosaic picture from the extra porch skirt spindles. Too back I"m not a woodworker! I should learn if I'm ever going to get my arbor.

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errr....ummmmmm....ahhhhhh....I am almost afraid to make a list! I have collected up so much stuph...ummmm....junque, that my family has a tendency to want to disown me :^(
There are old dishes and odd silverware, old bedsprings, old belts and odd tools. Buttons, scissors, fabric and the occasional extra sewing machine....ooops. Metal pieces, doorknobs, cabinet knobs...hmmmm maybe I had better quit there. You just never know when you are going to need that special something ;^)

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