Price fixing on Bluestar or not?

needinfo1December 18, 2012

In another thread I just found out that others are getting price quotes on the Bluestar that are a lot lower than I've gotten. I've only visited one local dealer because I thought they all had the exact same price dictated by the manufacturer. True or not true? If you've bought one recently, were you able to shop around to find a better price? Or, did you make an Internet purchase or what? As a point of reference, I was quoted $4,400 for one by one area dealer, and this was supposedly a deal becasue I was getting a free color upgrade for having been to a rep demo. I just called AJMadison. Their price is around $4,500 for color.

On the other thread someone had just gotten a quote of $3,500 for an RNB (don't know if it is stainless or color) and someone else mentioned getting an RNB six months ago for $3,800 with the free color upgrade. What gives? How are other people being quoted prices that are so much lower than I am seeing? If I decide to go with this, how can I find a better price? Thanks.

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Some manufacturers will not allow their products to be discounted typically (see Miele), with floor and discontinued models being the exception. Sometimes, retailers will offer these at a "below-line" discount, which is what I received on a 36" RNB from my local retailer.

Color is supposed to be extra, but from what I gather, you should be able to get it for free just by contacting the demo rep. And I thought starting in 2011 that colors were free of charge on RNB models anyway. Bottom line...don't pay for color.

It never hurts to ask each retailer the best price they can offer. You have nothing to lose.

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What size range are you talking about at those prices?? I just ordered a 36" RNB 4 burner with griddle, it was a LOT more than those prices!!!

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Even with the "price fixing" there are regional differences set by the distributors which is why retailers are often not allowed to sell outside their region.

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I was getting quotes on the 30". It just bugs me when most other things we buy have a variance in prices depending on where you buy but that so many of these higher end ranges are fixed price.

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needinfo1 - I went to another appliance store yesterday to get comparative pricing on the RNB. They told me $4.3k for a new one with the new two year warranty or $3.4k for their floor model with a one year. Not sure how the "old" one differs from the "new" one, if at all, but it may be worth checking around to see if anyone else is switching their floor models. Maybe you can get a better deal that way, although that would limit your color options. If you're in the NJ/NY area, let me know and I can let you know where I went.

I also asked about the RCS/RPB and they wouldn't even give me pricing for it. Said they both were discontinued. After that, I called the other store and immediately upgraded to the RNB.

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Interesting....New two year warranty sounds good. The other models are both being discontinued....Also, very intersting. Thanks for the offer of help if in the east, but we're in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

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Be sure to check the mfg date of floor models as well. Most floor model RNB's I considered this past summer were manufactured in 2010. This shouldn't be a huge red flag, but it can give you an idea how long a floor model has been on the floor...and subject to customer abuse ;)

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Yeah, I'm taking the "discontinued" information with a small grain of salt, since the Blue Star rep said they were NOT discontinued. That said, almost every website has them listed as discontinued and I've received conflicting information at two stores about them, so I figured I'd just move on to the RNB. It's hard to go wrong with the RNB. I would bet on the East coast, we get a bit of a benefit on pricing because they are made in PA and the shipping costs are likely a good bit lower.

nixit71 - That's a great tip. I never even thought of that. Is the date of manufacture typically in the Model # / Serial # area?

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I found a 30 inch RCS but no convection at 2.2k so no deal
I think it's important enough to have in szmy next stove

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