Where Do You Start Your Work?

cherryfizzOctober 7, 2005

I start my work in the top left hand corner of the project. I count up and over from the centre stitch. I find if I do it this way if I make a mistake it is easy to find and correct and you always know where you start and finish. Many of my friends start at the centre X and when they make a mistake they have to pull out too much completed work.

Where do you put your first stitch?


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I alwys start in the middle. When I first started out (eons ago lol) I started in the upper left corner also but changed my ways when I had 3/4 of a piece finished and discovered that I had started over too far and didn't have enough room for the whole piece!!!! *grrrr*


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I'm such a conformist that I start in the middle, too, unless they tell me otherwise. I did one design some years ago that started out with a one-stitch border around the edge, then you fill in the picture. That was kind of nerve-wracking, counting 200=something stitches up the first long side! It came out fine, though, and would have worked just the same to start in the middle as usual! :)


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When I first started cross stitching, I started in the middle because that's what I read you should do. I got too mixed up that way, with too many mistakes.

Now I start in the upper left corner.

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I usually start in the middle, but am working on one that suggests starting in the bottom left corner. I'm finding it much easier to start there for some reason. Might do this in the future.

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I start in the upper left corner, but I always give myself alot of extra fabric just in case.


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I start whereever seems right for each project. Sometimes even in the middle of a side, but usually top left. I also like to get the major colors done then fill in. I have never been one to do things the way they "should" be done.


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I also would start in the middle like most patterns suggest. I would start in the middle but then move on to wherever - up, down, sideways - Not this time - I've started in the left botton corner and go straight across making sure I complete about five solid line before going on up. I got 3/4 of one done and realized I made a mistake, but can't find it. Hoepfully this will work out better. I''m hoping to finish five of one pattern for Christmas this year - it's a Dimension kit - Footprints (I carried you) - my favorite poem.

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I too usually start in one corner or another, however years ago I discovered a "water soluable" blue marking pen. I draw grids on my fabric of 10 stitches each way, most patterns you find are in grids of 10. I find that almost all work must be 'hand' washed anyhow and all it takes is a damp rag to remove the water soluable ink if it doesn't. Then, as long as you have counted your grid correctly, you can begin anywhere you desire.

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I always start in the lower right hand corner that way the work and the chart are closer together . This is especially true if I am doing needlepoint; that way I can turn the work around half way up and turn the chart around and work the rest of the design upsidedown.

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Dear CherryFizz,

I start in the center of my work. If it is a large project, like a rug I start with the border.

Cheryl Branche

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