Lighting While You Stitch

cherryfizzOctober 7, 2005

What kind of lighting do use to do your stitching.

I am finding incandescent lightbulbs harder to stich under and it doesn't provide me the light I need no matter what the wattage. I love sitting on the porch in the summer to stitch but I can only do that for a short time.


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My father got me one of those "daylight" lights that you see advertised in magazines. It has been a godsend for my aging eyes!

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I only stitch in daylight. My living room has lots of windows, so I always sit in there.

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I was watching the Shopping Channel the other night and they had lights called Ott lights. I have never ordered anything from the shopping channel so I will look around in the stores. These lights give off a light similar to daylight, probably like the one Lionors, who posted above has.

Today was my last day in Toronto and if I had known there was a Needlework, Stitchery and Craft Event at the Convention Centre I would have gone. The last day is Sunday and I will be on the train back to Windsor.


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First Street has a fairly large selection of daylight lamps. I have purchased several for different rooms in my house and love them for neelework and reading. They do not light a large area but are great for direct lighting over a limited area. Colors are very true and print is so much easier to read. Get the highest wattage available. It is worth the extra money.

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I use this ionmax natural light desk lamp, DF3028 whenever i stitch, it has a sensor blue light which notifies us if the lighting in the room is not enough, so you just have to switch it on, its bendable to a lot of angles so easier for me to direct the light to what i'm doing. its brighter to compare with the other lights im using at home.

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I have and use Ott lights,have the floor model next to my stitching chair,and have a table top one by my sewing machine.

Nice to see you here Cherry!!

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