Brand New SubZero 42 Ice Maker Drip

SethGDecember 14, 2012

Hey I am posting to seek advice both as to the source of my problem and as to how to deal with SubZero and the local authorized repair team.

We just remodeled and installed all new appliances, including a SubZero side by side 42 inch fridge/freezer.

Ever since the moment we turned the unit on (in October), the ice maker has not functioned properly. It appears that the unit gets too much water at once, causing an overflow drip into the ice bucket. This means that while the ice maker is making ice and dropping the ice into the bucket, the cubes are falling into a puddle of water which is freezing over the course of hours into a solid block.

I have had to stay home to wait for the authorized repair people four times with no good results. First they replaced the ice maker. This did not solve the problem. Then they replaced the control unit for the ice maker (I don't know the proper name for this piece but it is attached to the water filter at the top right hand side of the unit). The theory of this second repair was that the problem comes from the electronic instructions that regulate the filling of the ice tray.

But unfortunately the problem resumed again right after the repairman left. I am about to call them again, and SubZero itself, as I am getting very frustrated. This is a first world problem, to be sure, and of course we can always make ice the old-fashioned way (thank goodness I remember my grandmother's recipe!). But still it is a brand new and very expensive piece of equipment and it is maddening to have it not functioning after two months.

Do you wizards have any insight?

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Hey I am still interested in your ideas. I just want to add that the service people I've been dealing with are very helpful and are trying their best. The guy I called today got on the phone with SubZero and he's going to replace the unit that regulates water flow from the bottom of the fridge. He says this is the last thing that could be the source of the problem. I hope he is right. If any of you have ever dealt with this problem, I'd love to hear about it.

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Yes, the water inlet valve regulates the water flow to icemakers. It has a cold water input supply tube and a water inlet tube to your icemaker. The valve itself needs a properly functioning solenoid to allow in the correct amount of water to the icemaker. This is tested with a manometer on both solenoid terminals. From the sound of it, this may be the problem. Good luck.

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Thank you for your response.

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