Whatever Happened

cherryfizzOctober 7, 2005

Whatever happened to the Cross Stitching Forum where you could come here and look for help in learning how to cross stitch or offer techniques or show what projects you are working on. I don't see too many posts asking for help because this forum has turned into an pattern exchange and trade forum. I don't need patterns, I want to learn more advanced stitching techniques.

Could we start asking for patterns on the Fibre and Needle Art Exchange forum and get back to learning how to stitch and talking about what projects we are working on.

I know I would come back. Does anyone else think this way or is it just me? I guess if this is the way you want this Cross Stitching forum to remain who am I to ask you to change it.

Here is a link to the Fibre Arts/Needle Exchange Forum


Here is a link that might be useful: Pattern Exchange Forum

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I agree with you Anne. I pop in every once in awhile to see if anyone has posted anything different but for awhile now this place has been dead. :o( I don't mind the requests for free patterns or site links but the copyright "discussions" of the past have frightend many people away. At one point that was all that was "discussed".
I for one would love to see this forum returned to it's past glory.


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i cross-stitched a few years ago when i was in college. i just picked it up again. i'd like to learn new techniques. and learn from you guys here.

i find the thread about where you start your project fascinating. i didn't know you could start anywhere but the middle.

i also don't know how people keep track of their stitches in a dark project. i'm making a christmas stocking for my husband, and it's hard!

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When I work on a dark fabric I have a white pillow case on my lap. The white will usually show up and lighten up the background a bit letting you see where the stitches should go.

I did an entire project using a black fabric and this technique helped out a lot.

Hey Karen, maybe we can get this forum up and running again and maybe some of the other posters will return.


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i'd be into it. i'd like to learn instead of exchange.

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