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becky54_2007June 15, 2007

I am a new member on this forum and could sure use some help. I would like to know how you get the pictures to come up when it has the little box with an x and something about photobucket beside it. I'm sure it is something simple but I sure can't figure it out. There are so many wonderful ideas on this forum (and the others) you sure are a much of talented crafters. I mostly lurk but have gotten some really good ideas from all of you. If someone could tell me what I need to do I sure would appreciate it.


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Becky, I may be wrong, but I think when you get the box with the red x it means the picture has been deleted by the poster.

That is why it is so important not to delete any pics you've posted, because they delete here too.


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Beckey WELCOME to the fourm!
I beleive luvs is right about the x, if there was a photo you wanted to see you could try posting and ask the poster to re post, there are alot of good talented people here who dont mind shareing there ideas, and giveing advice when wanted.
what kind of crafting do you do? come back and share with us, I for one love the photo!
Happy Crafting

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Thanks Luvs and Oddie for the info. I guess that makes sense (Duh) I guess if there is no x I just right click and select show picture- is that much right? I really do enjoy this forum and have lurked for YEARS---I pretty much do simple crafts that I can do with my gkids. I bought the stuff today to try and make stepping stones. Don't know how this will turn out. The last time I tried they just crumbled. I think I had the mix too thin. Thanks again for the info.

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Don't lurk anymore, please join us either in talking about projects you are working on or by commenting on others projects. The more people that post, the more fun it makes the forum. ;o) Luvs

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Hi Becky, welcome to the forum, you'll have a great time reading the msgs and posting your own. No more lurking now, you've jumped in and we hope to see some of your projects.


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And Becky go to the first page of this forum and click on the gallery. there are a lot of ideas (pics) posted there. Right now it looks like I'm hogging it but someday they will fall off when more post their photos.

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