Anyone make kid's lamps?

nanaofiveJune 8, 2008

I am redecorating our spare bedroom. My granddaughter's 4 and 7 years old spend one night every week-end with us and this is where they play, also. So far we've painted the walls radiant orchid and I've ordered a bedding ensemble called Bye-Bye Butterfly from J.C. Penney. My idea is to to use craft foam and cut out butterflies and flowers to put on the walls. I am also going to repaint the chest-of-drawers, bedside table, etc. but I'm waiting for the bedding to arrive so I can match the color to that. My question is, has anyone ever made a lamp? I have seen some made from stuffed animals and was wondering if maybe a butterfly pillow(small, of course) would work or if I could find a template my husband could cut one out of wood. Does anyone know where to buy a complete lamp kit. You know, it needs the rod that goes to the base? Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. but if anyone has any ideas, I would really be tickled to hear any and all! Have a great day!

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I used to have directions for a lamp made out of ABC blocks. you stack them in a pyramid and then glue little animals etc on some of the blocks. You could do a google for making kids lamps. I'm sure there are a lot of ideas out there.

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Check out yard sales, etc for one of those lamps that have rectangular panels on all 4 sides in glass. You could then find some colorful butterflies that are translucent & glue them to the outside glass panels & the light would shine thru them.

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You can get lamp kits at the the do it yourself box stores, like Lowes.

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You could also take any ceramic lamp and repaint it then stencil or glue your butterflies on it. I tend to just use regular spray paints and a sealer on top, but there are paints like Perm enamel made just for ceramics.

You can also paint the shade, or even make a fabric cover to go over it. I did one for a baby's room once and just made it longer than the shade and sewed a "channel" at the top and bottom to thread elastic in it. Then stich up the sides and slip it right over the existing lamp shade.

The walls, furniture and bedcoverings all sound really cute, I know the kids will just love their special room at your house.


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