Yee Haw...guess what....???!!!!!!

pattico_gwJune 3, 2011

Our Walmart is reopening the fabric dept....

One of the girls who worked the fabric dept before told me it's coming back.

Keep your fingers crossed that it will be nation wide.


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That is wonderful news!!!! We still have a little bit of fabric here - let's hope it'll be brought back too!!! Thanks for the heads up!

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I hope so ,too !!! Wally's craft dept has just gone down the tubes. Maybe this will bring back the Good stuff !

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Hope it's true. I hate the Porter Ranch Walmart as they are now a sporting goods,pet goods,scrapbooking goods,etc. Trying to force all those stores out of business. It was a nice store when it opened but I rarely go there now. Joanne's is nearby & Sporting Goods store & Pet shop,how mean to try to get rid of them & so have bunch of empty stores & yours is only 1 left. I'm not for ghost town shopping centers. We have plenty of those already. Just hope they don't force out Joanne's, only yardage store around these days. Got to drive miles to get spool of thread.(where the thread is good stuff & doesn't break constantly)! Jan

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You're lucky to have a Joanne's near you - the manager of this WM says - it ain't so - hoping it is though - quality of the fabric is nasty at my store...

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I was told by the gal that manages our Walmart fabric dept that all Walmarts will be getting back the fabric depts. She said they will all be expanded.

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Well, that's great! Maybe they are finally listening to the people for a change!

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Patti - I talked to the manager of my WM and she says she heard it too!!

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