Need craft idea to make from 2.34 gallon laundry soap jugs

bears104June 26, 2007

Anyone have any ideas on a craft to make using the 2.34 gallon laundry soap jugs. Thank You

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Sure can> I have made many things. I made one for my Tools, Put a tool belt around it and what ever i needed for project inside. For gardening I put a carpenters apron on it. put my gardening tools in apron and potting soil inside and put it on a plant stant with wheels. I made seats for kids. Painted them with krylon paint for plastic.Added a cushion on lid or you can buy bar stool covers, and put toys inside, For table took 2 buckets, filled bottom on with stones, cut out a piece of plywood in circle, screw it together from inside of other bucket, flat head screws,glued together with silicone glue and painted it with high gloss paint and put 3 coats of poly on it.put their names on each seat on side. They have their on seat and bucket of toys when they come over.I left handle on chairs so they could carry it, Hope this helps.

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