Doing my first Decoupage

hgiljrJune 2, 2008

Hello all. I have a vintage poster that I want to either Decoupage or epoxy over it. I am planning on first prepping the wood as the background by sanding and varnishing and then from what I have read I will do the following steps

1. Glue object onto wood. In this case poster

2. Once dry, brush on the polyurethane wood finish over the item. Perform this step about 5-6 times, sanding the item with thin grid (350 or above) before each application

Now this again is what I have read. I have also found an epoxy at the local homer store that you mix two parts and then pour and spread but the poster needs to be protected or laminated. Not sure how or where to do this.

I began doing some small demo of the steps above without the epoxy. ON the first one I guess it did not glue well but the polyurethane creep below the picture and left a wet type look to the picture glued. Again these are some of the basic steps found online. If anyone can comment on my steps or provide me better steps I would appreciate it. This poster will be placed under a covered roof outdoors... Thanks again

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Back in the old days we did the sanding varnishing sanding varnishing etc for about 7 times too. That was before Modpodge and all the newer finishes. I'm sure it will turn out great. We did wooden purses with a famous old world print. I think I still have some of the prints in a box in the garage.

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I haven't done any decoupage in years either, but I know there are special decoupage mediums at Michael's and other craft stores. Hope you will share pics of your projects when finished. Luvs

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you need to do the decoupage on the top of the poster as well to make sure the paper is sealed. You can do several layers of this before you do your finish. If you use the epoxy, it should be in a dust free area and have a heat gun to get rid of the bubbles that will be created.

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