New dishwasher for daughter w/new baby

loves2readDecember 12, 2012

Our daughter in FL had baby in July and their dishwasher is just not cutting the job...We offered to buy them one for Christmas. Their home is older -- built in 70's and original kitchen still
Not sure how difficult the install will be---and I know that proper install is one of most important aspects of getting any dishwasher to work properly.
One in there now is conventional size according to my SIL and is to the right of the sink but have no clue about any other plumbing factors...
He is pretty handy--should he pull it out to see how the hoses are connected before we get new one?

They want one that is good at getting food particles off dishes and drying plastics...and is fairly quiet...

Does having a unit with a hard food disposer (a grinder) make that much difference?

They will be washing bottles and baby dishes in with the rest of the items and right now they have to allow extra time for the baby's bottles and stuff to air dry most of the time...

Really want a DW that is able to dry plastics thoroughly so air drying is not required...keeping the plastics in the top shelf is not problem--just want the items to dry...

I read in This Old House that the Asko D589A dries plastics very well due to the double fans for air circulation but not familiar with that brand at all and not many people post about having them...

I think they would be more comfortable with brand they are more familiar with and that can be serviced easier...but if Asko is superior in that regard then they can learn to spell the name...
Have also read that a Samsung model has been rated very highly--again a brand you don't associate with DW...

Like anyone else dependability is also daughter is teacher and goes back to work in Jan so she doesn't need the hassle of having to worry about why this DW is nor working properly or make time for service calls...

We want to spend less than 1K on this dishwasher--mainly because there are other things we are getting them for Christmas...and from what I have read a higher price tag does not guarantee a happy customer...

Other factors: controls on top of door vs front with child-lock feature, SS tub, and a white panel---they have older kitchen with white appliances...

Suggestions always

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Fori is not pleased

I've replaced a few dishwashers and they are pretty straightforward. But. Before you shop, make sure that the hole it will go into is the standard size--enough height and depth to get the thing in the hole. You'd think after pulling one out that one would go back in but sometimes the older kitchens are picky (like on my last, the counter had somehow gotten lower and I had to get creative with my dishwasher feet even though the one it was replacing was fairly modern.)

If it'll fit in the hole, the actual connections and stuff are easy.

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By and large, DWs have had the same size/shape for many years. The European ones are an exception in that they are usually a bit smaller. However, they also make models for the US market.

The simplest thing to do is to measure first the height, width and depth.

If they have one now, then they have hot water and electric at the spot. If he is fairly handy, it's not a big deal at all. On my last install, I added a ball valve and a male hose fitting (there is a more technical name for this, but that is what it looks like). This allowed me to use a stainless hose from HD to hook up the water supply.

The 'grinder' units are usually a bit noisier. But that is a relative term.

Asko is a Scandinavian company. High end for a DW. You don't see them much around here.

There are both fans and detractors of the Korean units (LG and Samsung).

If you want heated dry, ignore the Bosch.

I've had my KA for 7 years. Been pretty happy with it. The one thing about their design (grinder) is that over time 'stuff' can get down in the bottom and partially block the water flow. Stuff like bits of paper, bone, glass, broken plastic, etc. I then have to remove the bottom rack, spray arms and such, and remove the cover (5 screws) and clean out the sump. Not a big deal if you're handy.

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Get a KA with heated dry - all KAs used to have it but now some of them don't in order to compete with the European brands. Grinder is not necessary. Use a good detergent - Finish Quantum works very well. Install shouldn't be a problem as others have said.

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I have a Kitchen Aid with heated dry. Plastics dry nicely on the top shelf. Love the dishwasher.

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Kitchenaid for clean/dry dishes and families with lots of plastics, odd shaped items. Like all machines today, rinse is required. KA have great capacity & loading flexibility. Model KUDC10FXWH fulfills the listed requirements.

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Another vote for Kitchenaid DW. Weissman's post expressed the KA advantages well, and the KA's are a little roomier than the european brands. It may stick out 1/4" from the cabinetry, but that's not a big deal.

However, with a new baby, I would not get Finish Quantum that Weissman recommended. Too much bleachy smell. Send to your daughter along with the DW a couple of bags of Method Smarty Tabs Unscented, which are sold at Target, or online. No bleach, no odor, cleans well, and the tabs can be easily broken in half. Most DW loads, especially with the soft water in Florida, won't need an entire Smarty Tab.

Method Smarty Tabs Perfume Free at Target

Method Smarty Tabs Go Naked (same as Perfume Free), package of 6 at Amazon free shipping

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Here is the model coding for KitchenAid dishwashers. Useful when you're shopping.

I bought the KUDE40FXWH and am quite happy with it. It has all the sensor type washing, pot scrubbers on the back wall, etc. What I really like though is it has a 1 hour wash cycle (not including optional 20 minute dry time). It's also pretty quiet .
The number in the model indicates variances within that model line, the higher the number more features and maybe some more sound insulation.

KUDC & KUDS models. They have the traditional self cleaning grinder) wash system with the 4 way lower wash arm.

KUDE models are the European filter based washed system with variable speed wash motor and alternating spray arms. Quieter and more energy efficient. "S" shaped spray arms

FX=fully integrated controls on top of the door & towel bar handle. Certain models feature a cycle sequence LED on upper right corner of the front door panel.

FXPA=same as above---accepts custom door panels to match your cabinets

SX=fully integrated with top controls, towel bar handle and on-board water softener

IX=traditional console with visible front controls, cycle sequence LED & pocket handle

CX=same as above, but has digital display-bar graph cycle sequence indicator

HX=fully integrated top controls with flush lever style handle on the front of the door

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Make sure you can actually remove the old one. If the floor has been replaced sometimes they trap the appliance in place. See if it is hard-plumbed into the house. That will lead to some additional work and fittings for the new installation.
Buy from and independent dealer near their home so it can be serviced. Don't assume the HD in Toledo sells the same thing as the one in Fort Lauderdale.

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