Feedsack Pillowcase Dress

kudzukweenJune 15, 2010

I just made a dress for a little girl...it will fit toddler girls as a dress up to young girls as a top...by using a pillowcase! And if you don't have a pillowcase...just sew a piece of fabric into a tube and go from there:D Add lace,rickrack,buttons....whatever you like...for embellishments. I have a tutorial on how to make it, and how to use elastic thread for shirring the top; or just fold down the top and use ribbon or elastic..check my blog for the complete photo tutorial :D


Here is a link that might be useful: Pillowcase Dress Tutorial

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OMG that is too cute!! You've got serious talent! I wish I had little ones who could wear that. Beautiful job!

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Very cute!! I loved when pillowcases were so pretty like that. They are so dull now, but have gotten some pretty new ones at TS. So cute for the younger set!! Jan

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thanks ya'll!

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I found instructions online a few weeks ago for my grandaughter to make. (she is age 14 and has just bought her own sewing machine) She has a little sister (actually neice but they have custody of her) who has just started walking..we are going to downsize it to fit her. I think it will be simple enough for grandaughter to do. This one is just gathered at the top seam with ties that tie at the shoulders.

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There is a charity that makes and gives them to African children. Myself and another lady made 90 between us to send to Africa thru a church that has a mission there.
I believe the site is--littledressesforafrica.com

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That is just precious! You do the cutest things. I recently made the ballerina flip-flops for some of my young friends. We did them as a camping craft project and everybody in the park went nuts over them. Thanks for all the great ideas.

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thanks so much ya'll!

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