Bluestar range question

ebrookesDecember 14, 2012

Hello, I am new to garden web so if my question has already been answered and I missed it, forgive me. I have fallen in love with the precious metals bluestar in copper. However, the showroom only has a 36" and I need a 30". The 36" has the beautiful French doors for the oven and the sales associate assured me the 30" also comes with French doors. I have been looking for a picture of the 30" with French doors, I am afraid the look won't be the same in the smaller size. Has anyone seen a 30" or own a 30" with French doors? Any additional information would be appreciated,

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did you end up purchasing this? im looking at the enchanted silver and was wondering if its worth the extra money

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I ordered the precious metals, 36 inch with 6 burners in January and it should be arriving soon. I will let you know how it all works out when it gets here. It makes me nervous reading some of the problems people have had. I hope I do not have problems with the range.

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I ended up ordering mine a few weeks ago. Hopefully everything is smooth sailing for us both!
Is it taking longer to get in than you thought? They told me 6-8 weeks.

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Yes, it took way longer - we ordered it on February 8th and it arrived April 5th. I haven't seen it yet but it will be installed on April 23rd and I will post an update and a photo. We did pick up the matching hood - I ordered the pyramid hood in the copper and it is beautiful. My husband and I will put it in this weekend. I am waiting for the granite to be installed, then the stove and then a tile mural. Hope it all turns out...

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I absolutely love my bluestar! I have been using it for over three weeks. I love the oven, the burners, cleaning is a breeze, french doors are fabulous. I just started using a wok. Seasoning it was a chore but it is working out great. I have a lot to learn but I would recommend this stove to anyone. What a treat to cook on.

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I think this is the one. Godeckers had the picture. Peke

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Just a followup on my earlier post. I have been using my Bluestar for over 5 months and still love it. None of the nightmares others have had have happened to me. I am in the midst of canning season and it has been great. I am thankful for the simmer burner as I use it has been invaluable for my pressure canner. The broiler is wonderful - peeling peppers is faster and easier than I have ever experienced in my 25 years of doing this. It is still beautiful. I love the french doors. The burner clean up is a breeze. The cast iron always looks great. My last stove was an electrolux and I hated cleaning the stove top. The bluestar is so much easier, no more using the softscrub to get the spills off the stove top.

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Any more feedback on this range? Is the only difference for the precious metals line the colors, and French doors?

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I believe the only other difference (aside from the French doors and metal finish) is that there are no 15k burners. There are still two 22k burners, but it appears that the rest of the burners are 18k. So all burners will have two rows of gas holes in each arm.

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Thank you gtadross! Does the lack of 15k burners affect it's ability to simmer? In general, what is a good simmer BTU? If I recall correctly, Electrolux claims their simmer burner can go under 1000 BTU--is this good?

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I simmer on my 22k's just fine. I wish all my burners were 22k actually. In my opinion, the 15k isn't all that great a burner. Things take noticeably longer to cook on it. And since the 22ks simmer so well, I really don't see the need for 15k burners at all.

If they had the previous metals collection when I bought my RNB, I'd have gotten it just to have all the burners with double rows of gas holes. From there, I could easily upgrade each of the 18ks to 22k by switching out the orifices

So all in all, I don't think you'll have any problem simmering on the 18k or 22k burners if you get that range.

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I love the 15 K burner. It's hot and quick enough for most medium to small amounts of food, and has a much lower simmer- some foods l'll start on the 22K burner and then slide it over to the 15 K to continue to cook or to keep warm.

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Quick question for BS range owners or folks with BS cast iron grates.... Mine are staining from wok usage and frying...does anyone put these in the dishwasher. If so, does the black cast iron fade?

Thanks so much.

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Do not put cast iron in the dishwasher. Yes the cast iron gains some "character" over time (had a 48" for 5 years) when my grates got really greasy I used hot soapy water and thin scotch (not the heavy duty ones) scrubbing pad. I'm putting another one in my new home build.

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I have put mine in the dw a couple times over the almost 6 yrs I have had it and it did not cause any obvious cosmetic issues. I also have used oven cleaner once after a very long kitchen reno because it was caked with mung from cooking grease and dust. I do have some discoloration, in particular on the front left 22k burner which is used most frequent.

IMO the beauty of a bs is that the rangetop doesn't have to be babied. The more seasoning and character it has the more authentic and appropriate to its commercial lineage it looks.

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