Another purple rose craft

oddieJune 14, 2007

round cardboard box, did crackle all over with a white top coat, didnt like how the bottom crackle turned out so I started doing kinda of a dry brush with waterd down paint, two shades of purple, dont know if I like the bottom part or if it just looks auful, so thought I would post and see what you all think, the beaded dragonfly was made by me also.

Thanks for looking


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OMG! I love it, Is it a hat box? or smaller> It's great.

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It's Awesome Oddie, very pretty.

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Love it Oddie. Luvs

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Oddie, would you mind sharing details of how you made your darling dragonfly? Step by step pics would be wonderful, but even just written description might work. (I learn faster with visuals!) LOL

Did you see this butterfly? If you hold down the control key and move the ball/roller on your mouse you can enlarge it. (You probably already knew that--I just learned it last week).

Several of us on the holiday forum were trying to figure out how they did the middle section. Looks very similar to your dragonfly.

I'd love to make some to add to a centerpiece.


Here is a link that might be useful: butterfly/beads

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Thanks! glad you liked it,kattydid its a 7inch cardbord box I picked up for 25 cents at a yard sale,new I could do something with it.
omg luvs I am not the best with directions, tried drawing but Iam even worse at that, so here goes, I used one 5inch or longer size 24 ga,wire, one two inch size of wire, also for wings I wraped wire around my fingers twice and left enough to wrap around center and for attaching wings, 1 , 1cm glass bead for head, 5 oblong glass beads 1cm also, then 5 smaller round beads, Take 2in wire bend in middle for antena, take 5 in wire and wrap around middle of 2in, useing only enough wire to wrap to secure antena ( most bead holes are only large enough for a single wire to go throu) head bead was a little larger and you can hide the wraped wire used to attach atena in side, after head I attached wings useing a crisscross to wrap wire, only useing enough wire to do so and pulling the wire tight as I wraped, cut of excess wire, then just add your other beads keeping them tight together, at the end I just made a round loop and cut off excess wire, you could use a crimp bead at the end and to attach the antea, hope I explaned this okay, love those butterflys, they are so cute! if you do a search for the dragonflys there are some that the wings have beads also, very pretty ,you know you must post photos when done.
Thanks craftlady, you always have something nice to say to everyone!
Happy Crafting

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I love the way the colors on the side of the box blend. Very pretty box!

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Oddie, thanks for giving us directions. I think I understand it. Will get some beads and wire and "play" with it a bit to see if I can do it. Might be back for more help later. Luvs

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Oddie, Would a hair piece and veil fit in one? That would be great for my daughter to store her wedding veil in. And those are just the right colors.

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Awesome job Oddie---I too love the dragonfly but don't know if I would be able to follow the instructions but I printed them out just in case I decide to try to make one myself.

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Another way for the dragonfly wings is thin silver cording if you get frustrated trying to get all the wings even LOL. Like me.

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Hey guys here is a cute dragonfly with directions, maybe it will help! you can change around to make it how you want.

Thanks javonne, was wondering what was thought about the way the bottom came out, it was one of those mess ups that didnt look any better till it was dried, and then I still wasnt sure.
Kattydid I dont know if a hair piece and viel would fit ,the box is 4 inches high and 7inches wide if that helps.

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Wait till my niece sees those dragoflies LOL. I'll be busy. Off to my craft cave to collect stuff. TY oddie

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