How much do you pay for your supplies?

nookieOctober 12, 2005

Here's just a little fluff thread to get some conversations going.

How much do you pay for your supplies?

In France the price of thread is outrageous!! I pay about $1.50 a skein!! I just can't figure out how they justify their prices because DMC is fabricated about an hour away from where I live!! They're french!! Thank-goodness my mom sends me what I need from the states. Even with shipping costs I save bundles of money.

Another thing are kits. I recently bought a teddybear kit at Wal-mart for $9.99. The other day I found the exact same kit in France and it cost £65.00!!!!! With the conversion that makes it what?about $80.00 ?!!!!!!! Can you believe that?!!


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Karen, that's totally wacky that it costs less for your mom to ship you thread from America that's made near you! Who knows about marketers? And I'm guessing they sell those things, or else they'd lower their prices.

I was really annoyed a few years ago when the going price for DMC floss went up from about 25 cents to 35 cents. Then I kind of had a reality check and realized how far you could stitch on 35 cents!

I do a lot of quilting, and I don't understand how JoAnn's can charge $2.99 per yard for cotton calico, and Hancock's about 1/4 mile away charges $5.99 for the same stuff.


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I try to buy my floss when it goes on sale and I can sometimes get it for 3/1.00 if I am lucky. I carry a sheet in my wallet of all the DMC numbers and when I buy a skein I cross that off the list so I always know what I need or what I don't have.

I also used to work in a stitchery shop that my friend owned on weekends and instead of being paid I worked for supplies. I think I got the better end of the deal. LOL

I don't buy kits so I really don't know how much they run. The one and only time I bought a kit there was not enough floss to finish the project and that turned me off of kits.

My linens I get cut to the size I need so there is never any waste and I don't pay for what I don't need.

I have spent a lot of money on charms, beads, trims and fabrics though.


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