dailycollectorJune 26, 2008

I had posted this at a different forum, but it was mentioned I should post it here, too. I want to make a 5' candyman for the holidays, to display outside. Howver, not sure what to use to make him stable and to withstand the elements. There will be no actual candy on him, just items made to look like candy. EX: logs wrapped and painted like tootsie rolls, or boards painted like boxes of Milk Duds or Good N Plenty. Only thing I know for certain is that the head will be a terra cotta pot to look like gum drop, with suckers for hair. Any creative ideas?? I keep thinking wood to build it from, but I guess I could use metal from duct work, etc. Just don't want him to look like a tin man. Suggestions please!!!

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Dailycollector, be sure to head over to the Holiday forum to see my reply to you there okay?

Oh, and I suggest that you use Patio Paints or if you use acrylics, be sure to put on a couple coats of sealer to withstand the elements outside.


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I think I'm going to try to make him out of PVC pipe and stuff for furnaces. That way I can screw the pieces together and fill the legs with sand for stability. I'll try to take pictues as I go along.

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