Thick cardboard tubes?

lexie1397June 30, 2013

I have access to about as many thick cardboard tubes as I could ever want (waste material from pallet wrap at work)... there has to be some fantastic ways to use them but I am mostly stumped!
They are super heavy-duty, 18" or so long, and about 4" diameter.

I can also get a few that are equally sturdy, about 8" high and 16" diameter. These ones would make cute storage cubbies in the nursery if I could figure out a simple way to disguise the cardboard texture and hang securely on the wall. (Nursery theme is dots)


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You could glue wrapping paper (or scrapbook paper) to the big ones, using watered down white glue like elmers, or mod podge. maybe one paper on the outside and a contrasting on the inside. Or fabric might be nicer. Again you can use white glue or modpodge on fabric too. I'm not sure how to hang them on the wall. Could you stack them and hold them together with nuts and bolts? Offset, that is allowing the second row to go slightly between the first maybe?

The smaller ones, I'm not sure. They may be strong enough to use as occassional table legs. Or legs for cardboard stools. You could google cardboard furniture for ideas. If you cut them down to say 6 inches you could tie a group of them together and use for storage of markers and paint brushes.

Hmm. Be sure to let us know what you do. And post pics if you can.


I'd like to think they have some use!

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I have been trying to figure out how to seal the larger ones for painting, and found that I can use Elmer's glue before paint. I like the idea of using paper and fabric, too, so I'll probably mix it up! I think I could hang them on shelf brackets, but I still need to see how the mechanics will really work together.

Still working on a solution for the smaller ones. Cutting them to a shorter length is certainly an option.
As for securing them together, I think I could drill holes and zip tie, especially if it was going to be hidden.
So far, my best ideas are: cat furniture (would need to find a way to attach platforms), seed starter pots, and stools.

If I knew how to close off one or both ends there would be even more options! I know plastic end caps are sold but buying things seems counterproductive to the whole recycling concept here.

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I know some bunnies who would love to use the larger ones for tunnels!

If the tubes are as thick as I think they are, trace around the outside of them and glue circles cut from a heavy piece of cardboard or maybe plastic canvas to the end. Or if you are going to cover it with fabric, cut a larger circle and glue that over the bottom before gluing the outer fabric over it.

They would make great wall storage for markers, brushes, or even rolls of interfacing or backing for embroidery machines. Think wine rack type of storage, but for small items.

Tami....who frequents the Kitchen Table and Cooking Forums the most

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I have one in my sewing room I covered with contact paper,glued one of those unpainted wooden rounds you get at Michael's,and I use it to store my yard sticks in.
Years ago I had one that carpet was rolled on,I painted that one,added those screw on cup hooks,,took a piece of ribbon,sewed it on to the grandkids stuffed toys,and placed it in the corner of the room,and hung those stuffed toys on it.My son had cut it down for me so it fit very snuggly in the corner.

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Hi, the 4" diameter x 18" long thick walled tubes would be a perfect roller for homemade balance boards (like the indo board). Do these support a persons body weight radially? I am building a balance board now and am having a hard time finding something like you describe. Do you have any recommendations where I could find an item like this locally? If not, is there any chance you would be willing to part ways with a few of these for my project?

Here is a link that might be useful: Balance Board Images

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Hi Paulteini,

We get them as the core on pallet wrap; any place that uses hand wrap would have something similar. I do think our's are a bit more robust than most just because of the particular wrap we use.
They would likely work for your project, though they would need to be protected well against moisture. I would feel pretty confident that one would hold my weight, but I don't know as I would trust them with a particularly large person.

I'd be pleased to send some your way if you'd like. Feel free to email me directly at

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stuff them with dryer lint and use them as firestarters (or give to friends who camp).

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How would you attach a hollow tube vertically to a platform?

We have adopted an 8 wk old kitten who desperately needs a scratching post. I have virtually any wood or metal working tool you can imagine at my disposal (and a husband who knows how to use them!). If I use one of these tubes and a piece of plywood, how do I connect them securely for kitten antics?

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FlamingO in AR

Cut a circle of 1/2 thick plywood (or thicker) to fit inside the round end of the tube and glue it in with wood glue and a few screws thru the side. Then screw up thru the bottom of the base for the post into that round circle of wood/tube. Wrap the tube with carpet or sisal or both, make a fun cat condo like they sell in the stores!

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Make cat play stations. cannot remember what they are called.

Long ago my aunt used to cluster 6 of these together, one in the center, like making a daisy. She would cover each with fabric first (not the middle one). Then pad the top and cut fabric in a daisy shape to cover the whole top. It was the top and bottom stiched on that held the cylinders together. And that was a child's footstool.

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