painting but need some decorating help to

mojojojogrlnjJune 18, 2007

my girlfriend wants to do a surfer room for her boys....she wants surf boards painted on the if you know where any patterns are for this it would be awesome....also any other ideas...such as can a surf board be cut to make shelves etc....throw me some great ideas for a cool surfer room....boys are 12 and 8

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Mojo I found this site,
Hope it helps.

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I think it was on HGTV Decorating Cents trash to treasure blurb, a while back they did some things with surf boards. I remember once on Design on a Dime they made some cute shelves from skate boards.

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How about a old surfboard made into a table for homework or a computer, I have to admit I have never seen a real sufboard, but with some thought it should work, here is a site with a wall shelf and other things made with a surfboard.
Here is another shelf pretty cool.;catId=teen-look
hope it helps to give you some ideas sounds like a great project

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wow thanks guys some great ideas....Im getting excited doing this type of project im more of the shabby cottage chic thingy

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I just finished making surfboards from Artboard, for my grandson's bedroom. He has been bugging me for 2 yrs now-to come to PA & do his room in "Hawaiian". My car is going to be loaded with all of the goodies to make this happen! I also bought 2 small styrofoam surf boards to place on the head wall of his bunk beds. If yo go to google's home page and click on 'images'-then type in surf boards-you find plenty of designs to copy. I also took a graphic of a young boy riding on a surf board, enlarged it to 18" tall and took an 8x10 photo of my grandson's face-cut it out & put it on the surfer kid's body. I used the foam core board for the body-and the graphic's head, then used adhesive to attach GS's face on top of the original-just trimmed the back to match the photo. My son took a photo of GS's face the minute he came up from under water-so his hair was dripping wet & water on his face-turned out great!
You could also make a clock on a surfboard-using the foam core board to create the project.

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