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MaineMomof2November 10, 2012

Hi, Would love any advice on our floor plan layout before we finalize. This is our first home family of 4 with 2 young girls. We will be building in Maine, 1600 sq. with an unfinished basement. Thanks!

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We lived in Maine for 3 years when DH was doing a post-doc. I remember cold rainy/snowy winters. I'd want an attached garage but don't even see a carport. Will your family generally use the front door to come/go or will they typically go in/out thru the utility room?

I would also want the front entryway to be covered -particularly if that is the entry the family will use everyday - and I'd want a nice large closet near the main entry to store hats, coats, boots, gloves, etc. Entering directly into the house with no foyer and no porch means that guests and family will track snow, mud, leaves, etc directly into your living room. With 1600 sq ft, you don't have a lot of space to spare but I think if you find a way to dedicate 50sq ft to a foyer, you will be much happier with how the house lives...particularly with two kids.

I can't quite read the dimensions but the children's closets look awfully small while the secondary bedroom seems to have quite a bit of wasted space.

What is it that you particularly like about this house plan? I do like the kitchen but the master bedroom seems a bit large for the overall size of the house and there is too little closet space. You didn't post an elevation drawing but I'm not seeing anything on the floorplan to make me think the elevation is going to wow me. In fact, the overall layout reminds me of a typical "double-wide" trailer layout. In general, I'm thinking that you can do better.

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Well we were going to be attaching a garage to the back of the house so we would be primarly entering through the utility area and actually would not be putting the washer and dryer in the closet but in the basement, so that closet would be where I would keep all the coats and gear. For the sake of getting the best price, we tried to keep the house in a rectangle shape as that would cut down on the foundation price. We also tried to find a layout that utilized every inch to the max. My husband will be building a nice porch/portico that is not pictured. Thanks for you input I will think on these things.

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Are you considering modular construction (I notice a joining wall on your plans)? We looked at that. We decided to go with stick-built when we realized that in our area the price of stick-built construction had gone down, while modular had not, and so there were no savings in going with modular, and the plans were a whole lot less flexible.

If you do decide to go with modular, make sure you have seen what doors in joining walls look like. In the one I saw, the doors into joining walls were framed into the wall they shared with the bedroom, and didn't come flush with the hallway, and it looked weird.

I like your plan. I agree that I might give both bedrooms full width closets instead of giving each bedroom a half-width closet, but I know that's harder to do if you're working within the modular constraints.

Good luck!

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I'd want to have double sinks in the girls bath or at least extend the countertop there to the wall. An extra sink won't be a huge expense, but worth having longer term if the space allows.

I agree on the closets in the girls rooms. Way to small especially for girls.

Have you looked at how you will be placing furniture in each room?

I would also consider creating a vestibule entry and not have the entry straight into the living room. It would be easier to control any drafts when somebody comes to the front door. Otherwise you will likely be cooling your living room every time you open the front door. Of course I'm basing this on living in Sweden and I'm not familiar with Maines climate. An entry vestibule wouldn't need to have a basement foundation to jut out so you could save on digging costs there. Just use in floor heating and a slab.

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Yes we are looking to build modular. We did price stick built but we are getting a better price with modular so are trying to maximize the space. I appreciate all the feedback.

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Hi there

Here are some thoughts:

1. I would have a half height wall when coming in through the front door for say 4 ft long so it seperates the living room a bit
2. Agree with everyone above the bedroom closets appear small for two girls.
3. I would add another sink to bath1 along the wall and perhaps may the bathroom a little smaller.
4. The utility space is somewhat wasted given the basement laundry.

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