kattydidJune 11, 2007

Hi, I am new to boards but not to crafting.I love reading the boards and giving my opinion if you don't mind.I love any craft you can think of. I hope to learn how to show you some of my stuff. I am not to good with the computer.So I need to learn how to show pics.

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Hi Kattydid, welcome to the forum. I use "" for posting pics. It's real simple once you get the hang of it. Go to that site, open up a free account and then start uploading your pics. You hit the "Browse" button, which will take you to where you store your pics on your computer, select the pic you want and hit "open" - it will appear in the Browse line in Photobucket. You can add more pics doing the same procedure. When you're done selecting pics, hit the "Upload" button and it'll put them into your Photobucket account. When you want to post a pic into your msg, put your cursor in your msg where you want the pic to appear, open up your photobucket account, click on the middle code under the pic and it will say "copied." Next go back to the forum page and again put your cursor where you want the pic to appear. Go to the very top menu bar on your computer screen, click on "Edit," scroll down to "Paste" and click on that. The HTML code for the pic will appear inside your msg. It's when you hit the "Preview Message" button and it goes to the next page, you will see your pic inside your msg. Next, when you "Submit Message" the pic will be there for all to see when they open your msg to read it. If you have any problems, just give a hollar and someone will kindly help you. I'll check this msg again later to see how you're doing on posting pics. Have a great time in the forum and we love pics so post as many as you like.


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Thank you so much Crafty, I'll try it

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hope this works. LOL Daddy's duty kit

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welcome to the fourm! would love to see a bigger photo to small for these old eyes, I tried to save and resize so I could see it but the photo was to small.
When I post a photo i take the picture to a photo program I have and resize to a 5 by 7 or a 8by 10 and change the image resolution to 60, then safe and download to photobucket, I sure am not wise to coumputer and someone can better explane this I am sure, or another way.
Glad to see you have a hubby who doesnt mind daddy duty! bet hes a good dad!
please keep photos comming love seeing them

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