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oddieJune 19, 2007

My MIL was throwing out these two old chairs so desided to show you how it looked before and after, didnt take much work just knocked off the paint that was peeling, with steelwool, slaped on the white glue and a new coat of white paint, the flowers are still in shock hope they get over it, might give this back to her as a birthday gift, thought a pretty butterfly would look cute on one of the chair rails, amd maybe a bow, any ideas?

I know these chairs are not a new idea, but thought maybe someone might not have seem them before.

Thanks for looking


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Very nice job on refurnishing the chair Oddie, it looks awesome. I think your idea of the butterfly and a bow is great. I also think your MIL would just be thrilled to have her old chair backing looking like new with the flowers in it. I know I'd appreciate receiving it back as lovely as it looks now!

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So glad you rescued those chairs Oddie. They are perfect with the flowers in them. How about a straw hat with your bow and butterfly on it? Would look nice hanging at the top. Luvs

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Love It, Love it, That would look great on my MIL's farmers porch.

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Thanks! glad you all liked it, Luvs I love the idea of the straw hat, shouldnt be hard to find, wonder if I use somkind of spray sealer on the hat if it would last till summer is over, not sure where she would set it.
Hope you all dont think I am to cheap to buy a nice B-Day gift its just my MIL has everything she wants and needs ( her saying ) its hard to think of something that would be a nice gift, maybe have hubby cook her a nice supper to go along with it.
Happy Crafting

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Oddie, I have a straw hat hanging on an old window on the side of my shed. I sprayed it good with the sealer and it looked good all summer and winter. Now it is starting to droop allot. It held up well in the sun and sprinklers for a long time I thought. Might have lasted even longer if I would have remembered to spray more sealer on once in awhile. I think Michael's carries them for around $1.00 or so. Even see them in TS sometimes.

Heavens no, we don't think you are too cheap. We love it that you are so creative and she will too. And you know she loves the style of the chairs since she picked them out herself! Now she will get to enjoy them longer and the pretty flowers in them too.


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No way are you cheap. Anything you're heart goes into is worth more than anything.My family wants me to make things for them.

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thoe are beautiful... I really need to finish mine... they are heavily embellished.

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Oddie your chair is simply wonderful and what a great gift to give to your mil. After all you painted that chair with lots of tlc. Just hang a straw hat and maybe some garden gloves on the back and stick some butterflies in with the flowers. How did you make your planter seat? I use hanging baskets in my chairs but what ever you did looks great. I paint chairs as a hobby and sell them at a craft show. I have some pictures on the tole painting forum if you want to look at them. Let us know how your mil likes it.


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Thank you, I havent given her the chair yet, I looked all over for a straw hat that would look right but havent found one yet, I just love that idea now nothing else will work LOL! a cute garden saying would look good painted on the back rails, have to see if hubby will do that for me as I do not have good handwritting.
Gail I took a look at your chair, sooo cute! would love to see some photos of ones done with flowers, I made one years ago with the flowerpot setting on the rails,the planter seat is made of nylon screen,I just played with it till I thought it looked okay then stapled the screen to the rails, I used orchid moss on the bottom frist so the soil wouldnt drain out, them added it on top of where I stapeled so they wouldnt show,I added more of the moss around the rails and it does look better then the photo showed, if I could paint like you I could do some real pretty chairs, one of kattydids fairies would be cute hideing in the flowers ! can I ask what you sell your chairs for at craftshows?
I could find a few around here, mil has a couple of the I call them icecream chairs.
Thanks agine you guys have made me feel better about giveing my MIL the chair for her B-Day.
Happy Crafting!

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Oddie, Here's some pics of some planter chairs I've done. I sell them for around $75. Special orders are usually more. It's hard to tell what you can get for them. Some people think I'm pricing them too low but I want to sell them. I have a lot of fun doing this. Just love taking an old chair and seeing what I can turn it into. At first I tried making baskets for the seat out of chicken wire but it was too hard to work with. Then I found out that hanging baskets fit perfect in the opening. I don't know if you looked on the gallery or discussion forum at the tole painting site. I have a couple planter chairs in the gallery side. But here's a couple more. Thanks for asking. Gail

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OMG gail your chairs are simply beautiful! cant deside what one I like best, you sure are a great painter, I found the other photos on the galleries also, never would have thought to use one indoors with silk flowers, I will never agine look at a chair the same, love the poem you made also!
Happy Crafting

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Oddie, Just wondering how your MIL liked her planter chair. Give us an update please. Luvs

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Luvs, thanks for asking, but I didnt get to give it to her, had it setting on my side porch that isnt covered, we had a bad strom and it beat all the flowers to nothing! put it in the shead and will try next year! I made a red white and blue flag on the other chair, used silk flowers this time, looks okay but not worth shareing.
Happy Crafting

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Oh, what a shame Oddie. Mother Nature just doesn't always cooperate with us does she? Well, just don't forget about the chair--much too pretty to not be on display. ;o) Luvs

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Aw! Too bad about your chair Oddie. It sure was pretty. We have enjoyed having you visit over at the Painting forum too. I don't think you've ever done anything "not worth sharing"!! :) ~Anj

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Ah, I'm sorry to hear what happened to the chair. I guess that's why it's always good to document these things, as you did, with the photos... At least Mother Nature can't touch that. :-)

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I love everyone's chairs. Too cute!

Oddie, you said, "just knocked off the paint that was peeling, with steelwool, slaped on the white glue and a new coat of white paint."

I have a rocker with a pot in the seat and it needs repainting. I'm curious as to what the white glue does in the process. As I've said before, I'm not too crafty so you may need to take me by the hand and lead me through this. LOL


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Thanks for your kind words! I wont let the chair set in craft heaven to long LOL! I was more upset over loseing the purple flowers that was planted at the back of the chair, dont know what there name is, but they had the most wonderful scent, you could smell it just walking by, if anyone knows I sure would love to find out there name, I was told its a annual.
anjabee,I read alot of the fourms, just dont have much to contribute most of the time, I do enjoy reading the painting fourm,and looking at all the photos, you all do a beautiful job! maybe if I get back to the other chair and fix what I dont like I might post a picture.
Mammie, the white glue will give you a crackle finish, so much cheaper to use I will post a link to the site where I learned how to do it, not good at giveing instructions myself and there is alot of good info at the site, so nice of the crafter to share with us!

at the bottom of the page look under more guides you can read about the crackle finish, hope this helps, also dont ever feel bad about asking a questions if you dont understand something, there are alot of helpful people at these fourms, with alot of good info, and willing to share.
Happy Crafting

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