Update on problems with LG refrigerator

beacheDecember 8, 2006

To recap, my main control board and defrost controller failed again 10 months after they were replaced under warranty last December (when the fridge was 2 1/2 months old). I repeatedly called LG customer service and they kept saying a supervisor would call me back. This morning I called again and a supervisor finally got on the phone.

Before I even finished going over my story the person cut me off and said that I should have bought the extended warranty on the fridge. I was nice, but we went back and forth--me saying that LG should stand by it's products, do they expect them to fail? That we shouldn't have to pay for something that even LG's own techs admit is a continuing problem, blah blah blah. That they could at least make a good faith gesture. Bottom line is, they won't cover anything and if I choose to write to corporate headquarters about it, it would just go to her and she would deny me again.

I am so frustrated with their attitude. I'm guessing that the main board and the controller will fail again within a year (that will be the 3rd time) and I will then have to decide whether to put another $400 into a fridge that originally cost $1200. I did tell her that the saying goes that an unhappy customer will tell 10 friends about their experience, and I will tell everyone I can not to buy LG.

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Oh, I'm so sorry for your problems! It really sounds like you have tried everything possible with LG. It's a shame that you and others have encountered serious customer service problems with this company on a variety of their product lines. They make beautiful appliances, but if you can't depend on them, what's the point?

LG has not yet learned the lesson that Hyundai Motors did -- bad word of mouth in the US market is a SERIOUS mistake! They could turn themselves around, if they cared enough. The trouble is, they don't, and haven't ever since their inception.

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After read of very poor service from LG in the laundry forum too, I think I would be careful of them at this point. Appliances are very expensive these days and they certainly don't last as long as they use to. Warranties have shorten up also. Service is very very important and it seems LG is lacking in this area.

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You might mention this forum and that you are spreading the word. They might change their tune.

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I think some of your may not know that LG used to be known in the US as Goldstar. So I guess if things go bad enough for them, they might just change their brand name again...

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we had an LG FD on our list as our choice for the new kitchen. I just took it off the list.

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Was the problem with an LG-branded model? I believe that the Kenmore FD that I just ordered is manufactured by LG (is there an easy way to tell?). Does anyone have thoughts about whether anything made by LG is likely to suffer similar problems?

I think I can still cancel my order . . .

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I had a battle with them over a refrigerator that caught on fire. Every time I would call, I would be told that I needed to talk to someone in a different department, and most of the time, that person just happened not to be there. It took several months to get reimbursed for the refrigerator, and several weeks after that for LG to come pick up the ruined refrigerator. I shudder to think what might have happened if my house had been damaged by one of their faulty products. Never again, and I too am spreading the word.

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Just crossed them off my list too. I had about decided on the FD, counter depth with water and ice. Sorry LG, improve your customer service or you'll see no $$ from me.

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Under a separate post, I described my problems with an LG washing machine, dehumidifier, and refrigerator. All have or are being returned, and all damaged wood floors with water overflows or spills. I have called LG directly twice in past week, and they have been unhelpful. Best Buy and Sears, where I purchased these items, have been very helpful, but LG's customer service has gone way downhill since I first bought these items 3 years ago. Thank goodness I bought the extended warranty in this instance.

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Gee, I just got a new LG cell phone - I sure hope it doesn't catch fire or leak in my pocket :-)

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My $2,000 LG French Door refrigerator has been defective since it was purchased new from Sears. From the moment we plugged it in we have had problems. Within three hours of plugging it in the water dispenser failed. Then the main refrigerator compartment was freezing ALL the food. Then severe frost build up inside the freezer occured. (A call to LG Customer Service said the frost was due to humidity in the air! They wouldn't acknowledge there was a problem.) However numerous service calls by LG Certified repairmen
failed to correct the primary defect and now, with the unit out of warranty we again had a problem with frost building up near the fan and threatening to burn out the motor. After waiting more than 2 weeks for a repairman to show up we had to do a manual defrost. The repairman has now replaced the control board and told us that was the underlying problem all along. However, LG customer service reps tell me the company will not stand behind repairs of this defect because it was not identified during the warranty period. I have not be able to speak to a supervisor or manager despite numerous calls to LG to either resolve this issue or to get a satisfactory explanation as to why I must pay $260 for this factory defect. I was told that I had to have my name put on a list and wait 72 hours for a supervisor to call me...and I am still waiting.

Does anyone know how to contact corporate?
I am extremely dissatified with the response I have recieved thus far. Anyone thinking about purchasing an LG Refrigerator I am caution you to BUY SOMETHING ELSE. LG says they are the company that offers "Great Customer Service" but apparently avoiding complaints about faulty merchandise is really what this company does best.

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Espnola, I was looking at that fridge too, I think I might have the model #. It was al LG made by Kenmore.

After reading about the service issues with LG I decided not to buy, mostly thanks to this forum. I heard too many times there customer service sucks! I went with Samsung & an extended warranty.

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Well, after much time looking at refrigerators, I had decided on an LG. After reading all of the problems with LG service on this forum, I am off to search again. I could get an LG very reasonalbe as my son works at BB, but the 600.00 savings off of the sale price just isn't worth the possiblility of future service problems. Too bad too. I hope they get their stuff together soon. I believe people do read thses forums to help them make decisions and it certainly isn't going to help LG to treat customers so poorly. I even disuaded a women against an all LG kitchen today in the store due to the poor service.

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Footballmom, Through my company I get a NICE discount on GE appliances & after reading reviews here I decided to steer away from the GE fridge. I know your stituation all too well. Like you the up front discount was not enough to sway me, in the long run I think I made the right choice.

PS. If you look & investigate online you may be able to still save some cash. I used the Lowe's 10% off moving discount from their website on my fridge, + a $100 rebate, + free delivery rebate. I saved over $300 in the end.

I know Best Buy has online 10/12% coupons & Hone Depot also has the 10% "moving" coupon too, they are also available for sale on ebay! :)

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kenmore f/d refrigerators are not LG

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I've had the same problems with the crisper glides on my LG FD cabinet depth (tilt out freezer) that others have described in various threads on this fridge. Has anyone had any luck resolving this problem with LG or with any sort of after market product? I've been very happy (and lucky, I suppose) with the other aspects of the fridge so far (had it for a year), but it is frustrating that I've taken to mostly not using my vegetable bins bec. I'm tired of trying to get them back on track after they get all screwy.

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snorklelover--Almost two years ago, I dealt with the corporate part of LG over a refrigerator. I looked to see if I still had the contact information, but evidently threw it out after I FINALLY got a check from LG for my flaming refrigerator. I couldn't find the information, so my local H. H. Gregg (where I bought the refrigerator) put me in touch with their LG sales rep, and he in turn gave me corporate contact information. It shouldn't be so complicated to reach the company--unless maybe they don't want to be reached. Good luck.

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You can tell if a Sears Kenmore product was made by Goldstar (LG Electronics) by the first three digits of the model number.

580 or 721 are LG codes.

Some of the french door models are made by LG for Kenmore. If you ask the sales associate they should be able to decipher the codes for you.

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I will also tell everyone I know LG service is terrible! I have a washing machine and ,Oh my! I WILL NEVER BUY any LG products.Even they were half way free!!! Any time I had called It always turned out the problem that had happend was my fault because not using right soap,not keeping door open ( I have small children )and on and on.... MY washing machine has a strong smell of mildew and LG wouldn't do anything about this.I even found the drum coverd with mildew/soap stuff.And it after almost 6 mo of use. It took 6 weeks(!!!) to get a LG repair man...he had no clue what to do.

I hope the LG will be hurt on this market. Now I have a cheep top load and my 1200$ LG is in our garage. My husband suggested today to put it on our driveway with a note how bad LG service and items are :)


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thanks for sharing this info...wow...I will defintiely take them off our list of appliances to look at...that is crazy.

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What did you buy instead of GE and have you been happy with it?

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They are the worst, don't buy LG I have a refrig and a dishwasher I have problems with both. My refrig was making a lot of noise, so I called the service dept and they told me about a recall on my motor fan. Great, I thought, they ordered the part, it came to my house- service tech called left a message they were coming between 8 am- 5pm the next day. Okay, I just wanted it fixed. The part was replaced, frig is working.... the next day the noise starts. Today( 2 days later) it stopped working, so now I call the customer service and I get put on hold, transfered etc,-- then get this.... oh your refrig isn't under a recall- its your problem. I said no it is not, you came here put a part in and now it is not working.. the customer service is a joke, so rude. They cut you off in mid sentence and put you on hold, after serveral phone call & being switch all over the country -I just hung up- still on hold from John for over 31 minutes. This company is a joke if they don't stand by their products. Its Sat. and I have to wait till Monday for help with my frig... John in TX ( so he say's that's where he is from) say's there is no weekend service here in NY.
I am so dissappointed and hurt by the way this company lets there employee's treat the customers. They are happy to take our money but not help us even when they mess up there product. Go fugure.

Tell your friends, family
no LG...aka Lousy Gagets

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No one has said anything about the Lemon Laws, both federal & state. The following pertains to all states, altho individual states may offer even more.

Repair Interval and Coverage Period
All States Consumers everywhere are protected by the Federal Lemon Law which applies to all consumer products, including automoblile, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and all other ordinary consumer products including computers and household appliances. 3 to 4 repairs for the same problem, or 6 to 8 repairs to the entire product during the warranty period.
Warranty period + up to 4 additional years.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lemon law

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I am very surprised (and dismayed) to read this thread. We bought an LG side-by-side refrigerator last year from Best Buy and have been very happy with it, so we bought the LG front load steamwasher/dryer from Best Buy in August, and we love it (it was also rated very highly by Consumer Reports) -- so much nicer than our old top-loader Maytag that would go out of balance so badly it would literally rock itself off its feet. We did buy the extended warranty from Best Buy because of the price and (expected) longevity of these items. Hopefully, we won't have any serious problems.

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I am also surprised by this thread. We purchased a LG french door bottom freezer refrigerator from Best Buy. we love it and are planning on buying another one for a condo we are remodeling. We did have a crisper glide break, but Best Buy promptly sent out a service man to fix the glide. Best Buy service was good. We did buy the extended warranty because it was cheap.

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Geez,... the wife are set to buy the LG French Door Model# LFX25950TT later this morning from Home Depot. I just got that funny butterful feeling in my stomach after stumblin across this thread. But the last two posts here were more of what I was expecting to read. Now I'm scratching my head. Maybe I should revisit this. I should have read this first before starting a new thread! Man!

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We have the LG #LFD25760BK (black) french door bottom freezer. We are planning on either the LG#LDF25760TT or LG#LFD25760ST for the condo. Not sure about titanium or stainless finish. Still studying other appliances for condo remodeling, but LG french door bottom freezer is a given. We had a major problem getting KitchenAid to honor a warrenty on an under the counter ice maker last year, which makes us leary of any KitchenAid appliances in the condo remodeling. But Best Buy was great on a minor LG problem.

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We bought LG side by side (model LRSC26923TT) refrigerator from Best Buy about 10 months back. Now it's freezer is broken...it took 5 days for a guy from LG to come and take a look. First he said that it's "ceiling system" need to be replaced, and it would take another 5 days to get the part and replace. When the guy didn't show on the 5th day, we called him, and he said that part is not available, and someone from customer service should have called to replace the refrigerator....We called LG's customer service again and so far total of 17 days are gone, replacement is approved from the Best Buy, but here comes the real problem...we bought the open box item, and we were told that it has all the same warrantee as the new one.

Now when I'm talking to Best Buy to replace based on LG's approval, they are saying that I'll have to pay the difference between the new price and open box price I paid, and difference is $450.

Today is Saturday, and LG's department in question is closed...I want to talk to them because why should I pay anything for the replacement what they cannot fix!!

Yes, I'll NEVER buy LG product again.

But any suggestion to deal with this problem at this time?????

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Consumer Reports has a section in their magazine that presents bad experiences consumers have had with merchants or manufacturers. I would contact them. They should look at this thread and make consumers aware of it.

I will never buy anything from LG.

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We came home last night after being gone for about three hours to find our LG 3-door fridge (LFC21760) smoking and about to catch fire. (where there's smoke, there's fire?) The doors were closed, but the light inside must have stayed on. The light fixture had melted and everything in the refridge is ruined -- not to mention, 30 minutes later, we may not have a house!

I am stunned. We are trying to get hold of the company. The unit is only 1 1/2 year to 2 years old and we're being told it's out of warranty. I've been married for 21 years and have NEVER had any trouble like this with a refrigerator before. They wear out... you get it fixed or a new one... but a fire? Being 2 years old?

My kids are teenagers. What if they had been here alone?

You can safely say, I am gun-shy at the moment with all this fancy stuff. If the light doesn't go off and gets hot enough to cause a fire, melting plastic and shelves, filling the house with toxic smoke, then there is a problem!

I have a sore throat from the smoke and I'm worried about the effects it could have on my children. I want the unit out of my house!

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About 1 year and 8 months ago my husband and I purchased a LG 3-door fridge (LFC21760). This evening when I opened my refrigerator and was overwhelmed by a strong smell of burning plastic that made me sick to my stomach. I probably breathed in toxic fumes the minute I opened the refrigerator. Right away I noticed the temperature control unit that is above the top shelf hanging down by wires and the sockets that contain the light bulbs were brownish orange. I then noticed the unit was hanging because the hinges that hold the control unit up melted away and the plastic lining in upper part of the refrigerator was bubbling/melting. All the food on the top shelf was extremely hot to the touch. Butter was melted, eggs were hot, and the cheese in a leftover sandwich was melted. My husband checked out the refrigerator further and discovered that the overhead lights in the refrigerator were not going out when we closed the refrigerator door. Therefore, causing a "Easy Bake Oven" (kids oven that cooks cakes with a light bulb) effect of cooking our food on the top shelf. My husband unplugged the refrigerator, let the refrigerator cool and then removed the light bulbs safely.

I called LG immediately, they said they would send a serviceman out in a few days. The customer service person I spoke with did not give me any hassle and unlike Runningbare, the customer service person I spoke to at LG said they would cover it even though my warranty expired. They better cover it! I wonder if they are currently getting similar complaints about this refrigerator. I then went online and found problems with this model refrigerator in 2004-2005 where there were stories of this refrigerator model catching fire from another problem. a faulty condenser fan motor. I also came across this thread and noticed the posting from Runningbare 14 days ago.

Are there more LG refrigerators with this same model number having similar problems once the refrigerator is over a year old? Scary!!! I am also stunned like Runningbare. This is terrifying. What if no one was home or what if it was the middle of the night, would my house have caught fire? I have small children under 10.

Tomorrow morning, I am also contacting the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to report this.
I'm also calling LG back tomorrow morning and seeing if they can send someone to see this refrigerator sooner then later since our refrigerator almost caught fire. I will also speak to LG about the broken crisper gliders that broke about a month ago.

At this point, I want my money back and the refrigerator/"Easy Bake" Oven out of my house ASAP. Runningbare, if you are reading this, what did you do about your refrigerator? We need to talk.

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My husband and I recently visited an appliance showroom recommended by our KD. The salesman was the first I've met who was very knowledgeable. When I mentioned that I was considering the LG FD fridge, which they sold and had on display, he quickly shook his head. He never mentioned anything about them catching on fire but he mentioned numerous problems with the ice-maker in the door which he says doesn't keep the ice cold enough. The ice has a tendency to melt a bit, and the plastic (not metal) augur breaks often when trying to break up the partially melted ice.

After reading about these frightening experiences, I'm so glad he steered me away from the LD FD fridges.

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Just had the same problem with the melting fridge. It's almost 2 years old to the day. I would loved to speak with running bear and usconsumer mom about your progress with LG thus far. I don't even want this thing in my home anymore. Is there a lawsuit yet?? Contact me if you can, I'll be looking out for this thread.

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I've never done it, but I'd think those of you who have had LG refrigerators that either caught fire, or almost caught fire, should file a complaint with the National Consumer Product Safety Commission. I know they take safety related complaints. (I'm not sure about "my appliance is a piece of junk" complaints.) Wouldn't it be nice if they had to recall millions of refrigerators?

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I was considering LG products because they look so nice! I love the white FD fridge with the stainless handles; however, in all the research that I have done, I have seen nothing but complaints and bad reviews. Epinions is full of horrendous reviews about almost all of their kitchen appliances--especially the fridges and dishwashers.

I have told my friends (shopping for appliances) to stay FAR AWAY from LG, and I am going to direct them to this site.

Refrigerators on fire??? That is terrifying! This needs to be broadcast far and wide. There has been an ongoing problem with LG products; they don't seem to stand behind their products, and that should be exposed.

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My friend's Kitchen-Aid (built-in) had a similar problem, though didn't reach the same danger point as above. It was something about the coil, I believe, that started burning/melting the side of the door. When she talked to the salesman at the appliance store at which she bought it, he told her he'd talk to Kitchen Aid for her. When he got back to her, he said KA agreed to give her a new fridge, as well as $$ towards new panels, since they don't make the same model anymore. (It was less than two years old and she just squeaked in under the warranty period.) Even he was amazed at the service she got. I'm thinking KA might be worried about a possible lawsuit should the thing catch fire. You'd think LG would consider the same possibility!

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I just saw a new LG small FD fridge that I was considering for the laundry room.

What would be helpful is if folks who've had a problem could post the model number and age. A bad batch can happen, especially if LG ogt a bad batch of parts froma supplier (which could be in more than one model but should be limited by a certain age range), but if the problem is more widespread, then it's a serious issue for future purchases as well.

Regardless of the source of the problem, they should be more concerned about fire risk. That's the kind of thing that fuels governmental actions, including recalls, as well as private and class action lawsuits, not to mention ugly press. Takes years to gain a customer and seconds to lose them.

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This morning my wife went into our French door LG refrigerator and said,"Huh, I never noticed that space above the lights before. Is that supposed to be like that ?" I was horrified to see the interior lights were sagging and the plastic above was MELTED and BUBBLED(apparently this happened overnight). Of course, due to the high temps generated, most of our food is ruined. This thing is only two months over the one year warranty! Luckily, after speaking to an LG rep, he said he would extend the warranty and send someone out (we will see). That is great, but suppose the damn thing caught fire !!! Maybe Life Is Not So Good. BEWARE !!!!!!!

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Sorry to hear about your problems. As an LG rep I sell millions in LG each year and travel all over talking to Appliance Dealers and servicers. About 98% of them tell me that LG is one of, if not the best built Appliance product on the market right now. Now this doesnt solve your problems because, like every brand, they all have their problems....after all they are still man made. Your best bet, no matter which brand you buy, is to purchase from a locally owned independent Appliance Dealer. They are far more concerned with your satisfaction than a "Big Box" store that sells simply on price. On top of that, most of them employ thier own service techs who can solve your problems, unlike the minimum wage uneducated people who answer the phone when you call customer service. A couple other pointers... 1.)IF you did purchase from a Big Box and you have a problem, force them to take it back! 2.)All front load washers will have problems if you dont use high efficiency detergent! 3.) The few dollars you saved buying from a big box cost you and your community greatly in the end! That said, I sincerely hope all of you have better luck in your next major purchase, no matter which brand that may be. Life's Good!

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There have been numerous reports on this forum about LG fridges being a fire hazard. I googled "LG refrigerator fire" and was surprised to find many more such reports on various websites. Something seems to be seriously wrong with this product. My mother has an LG fridge, and frankly, I'm worried for her. I asked her to call LG consumer affairs, but they acted like they have never heard of any such issue. Unless this is some kind of internet conspiracy of false reports, I'm shocked there hasn't been a recall.

Here is a link that might be useful: More reports on LG fridges melting down

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I really love the look of the french door but my choices are limited as I cannot get one wider than 33", so that leaves me w/LG, GE Profile or Maytag. I'm starting to get worried reading all about these problems. When I didn't realize I had a space issue I was sold on the Kitchen Aide as all reviews were great. Now I'm afaid I'm going to burn my apt. bldg down if I get the LG, or that I'll be throwing my money away if I get the GE. While some of these complaints seem a few years old, I'm wondering if formal complaints or class actions were made to/against LG in the past 2 years and maybe these problems have been fixed? I did read about a recent LG recall. Can anyone provide me w/recent info, in particular about the LG model 23760? Thanks in advance to anyone w/up to date info.

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When any company sells a defective product especially one with safety issues and shirks their responsibility I would never consider buying from them. That includes manufacturers and retailers.

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We were planning to buy a $1500 25 cu ft LG French door refrigerator (w/o door water/ice dispenser . We selected it because of the shelf system inside didn't have that large drawer with the flip top in the bottom like the other brands. An extended warranty seems like extortion . It sounds like we need to pass on this one .

BTW, I am just curious - Are the most recent models still having problems ? Are parts easily available (at independent parts houses) and competitively priced (with Amana, GE, Whirlpool ) . FWIW, I heard at one point that LG was seeking to to buy the GE appliance division .

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We have a LG bottom freezer refrigerator (LFC 25760) purchased about 2 years ago - and just experienced the same problem with interior lights not turning off and interior melting. I'm finding reports of this exact problem all over the internet. I reported the issue to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. I have to dig up my receipt for the refrigerator this weekend and try to deal with LG to get this fixed.

I will NEVER buy LG again - this could easily have been a tragedy. It's one thing to have an appliance quit working. It's quite another to have it start melting with the potential to burn your house down and kill you, your children, your pets. There are more than enough reports out there for LG to be proactive on this matter and issue a recall.

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I too, would be curious to see if anyone more recently that purchased one of their refrigerators has had similar problems....

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We bought a LSC27931 LG frig from Home Depot and it had a known design flaw (stainless steel side by side) Home Depot CLAIMED not to know anything about it. It stopped working about 40 days after purchase. Lost all our food on the frig side. Don't buy this frig!!! We demanded our money back and got it (Home depot never returned my initial call and LG tried to tell me that degree fluctation was normal HELLO 55 degrees F for a frig is NOT NORMAL when it's set on 38!!!!)

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I am in the process of choosing a new FD refrigerator for my kitchen remodel. I was seriously considering a Kenmore Elite model. Does anyone know whether the Kenmore models made by LG have had any of the light bulb/fire problems as the LG branded models?

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My repairman told me that LG was one of the WORST appliance makers of all time and that their "parts" look like something you'd find in a Crackerjack box.

Sorry- that's a bummer.

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Hey monaw......Did you find out if Kenmore Elite F. Door is made by LG, and is it having the bad problems with melting lights..etc..?

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Add my story to the list of smoking/melting 3-door bottom freezer LG refrigerators:

I have an LFC25760SB, purchased Jul 2006 - this is the 25 cu ft version of the LFC21760 that two other readers (runningbare & usconsumerrmom) wrote about, w/the same problem. Last night, I noticed a faint burning smell coming from the fridge, poked around the fridge and freezer sections, could not find an issue, attributed the smell to the freezer's frost-free feature and went to bed. This morning I opened the fridge to discover that the refrigerator's interior lights had melted the top-mount digital temperature display(!). I removed power from the fridge and disconnected the interior lights. After plugging the fridge back in (w/o the lights), the fridge seems to operate normally, so I'm assuming the damage was limited to the melting of the display housing and part of the ceiling liner (!) of the refrigerator section.

The temperature display houses two 60-watt bulbs that light the refrigerator section, and apparently the bulbs stayed on all night and melted the display. The french door pin switches are working normally - when I press both pin switches, I see that the LED temperature display turns off and the fridge recirculating fan turns on, as expected. From this, it's apparent that there is a relay or triac circuit on the main control board that has burnt out, leaving the lights for the refrigerator section permanently on.

After reading the accounts in this forum, I feel fortunate that I caught this problem before too much damage occurred. I suspect that the smell I noticed last night was a component failure on the main control board - I am an electrical engineer and certainly can recognize the smell of shorted capacitors/ICs. On the assumption that the failure occurred last night, this indicates that the lights were able to melt the temperature display and damage the lining of the fridge within 10 to 12 hours of failure. As an engineer, I can say that this is an unacceptable failure mode - the wattage of the lights installed by LG are far too high for the design of the receptacle. From the small sample of failure reports in this forum, it's also apparent that this is a common, prevalent failure mode. I will be contacting LG directly and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission with a recommendation that, at a minimum, they issue an inspection bulletin for the replacement of the 60-watt lights with 25-watt or 40-watt units.

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As a follow-up note:

If you've had this interior light burn-through issue with the LG 3-door refrigerators, you need to contact LG customer service at 1-800-243-000. (You can also find this phone # on the product label on the right-hand interior wall of the fridge.) To their credit, LG has recognized this defect with their 3-door fridges and has put in place extended warranty coverage with the offer of on-site replacement and upgrade of the defective components.

When you call, you will need to provide the model #, serial # and purchase date. LG will request that you fax the purchase invoice to them, indicating date and place of purchase. LG has offered to schedule a service call within 48 hours of submission of the purchase docs.

If you are the owner of an LG 3-door (french door) fridge with a top-mount temperature display configuration, I would urge you to be proactive in this matter by contacting LG customer service, reporting your model # and confirming whether your fridge needs to be updated. At this point, LG's actions amount to what I would deem to be a voluntary recall, and I don't expect that LG will be contacting the affected owners directly. At a minimum, affected models appear to be the LFC25760xx and LFC21760xx, and I would suspect that the current 3-door models, LFC25770xx & LFC21770xx, are potentially affected as well.

gifford scott

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You all seem to have pretty strong opinions about your LG products. Why not express them as well as getting paid for them by submitting a video review of your LG refrigerator at ExpoTv?

You can earn $20 if you review certain LG refrigerators and just for registering, youÂll be entered to win a $500 Best Buy gift card!

If you are interested in giving Expo a try click here: http://www.expotv.com/raf/promo_RAFLG_craigs

Here is a link that might be useful: Expo

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bobbysueu - thanks for joining TODAY!! You are what we call a troll here and most of us are great at ignoring them completely.

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Sorry loves2cook4six I know trolls can be annoying but that wasn't the intended effect. I was more trying to share a way to express your opinion/review the products you are discussing and get paid for it. I always appreciate easy extra money so assumed others would as well.

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I just received a letter from LG stating that the Sears Kenmore Elite FD made by Lg does not meet the testing rules of the DOE. They mis-stated the rating supposedly by mistake. Now LG is offering a rebate of $40.00 for the over amount of energy used.

Lg will also arrange with Sears to modify your refrigerator to make it more energy efficient at no cost.

LG will provide annual cash payments for future energy use for 14 years,which is the expected useful life of the product.

From reading about all the complaints about LG. I personally think they should give a complete refund and pick up the product that was sold to us under false advertisement.

I'm not cashing my check. If you do cash the check you are forever releasing LG,Sears and it affiliates,agents and reps from any further claim.

Has anyone else received this letter?

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I read about this on the LG appliances website before buying my LG LMX21981ST.

Basically, they will be installing a circuit board that is more efficient and give you some annual checks. It all done, from what I gather. The settlement that is. Just remember a check become stale after 60 days and it is not accepted afterward.

I don't think you will get a refund based on this; because it was an error on measurement; not a major defect in the appliance that has recall possibilities.

Good luck.

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Snorklelover I have the same problem. I have a LG LRFD22850 refrigerator. It is about 3 years old. I am getting a loud whirring noise from the freezer when the fan would kick on. I have been defrosting it using a hairdryer once a week for the last couple of months! And recently I got the ER FF error message on the LED display above the water dispenser. I defrosted the freezer and then unplugged it. I plugged it back in and the fan is working properly. So you replaced the control board? Did that fix the frost build up problem? Did you have any luck getting LG to pay for the board? IÂm tired of dealing with this and am contemplating purchasing the control board for about $230 and installing it myself. I wish I knew that this would solve the problem before I buy the board. The part number on my board is 6871JB1375A. The replacement boards IÂve seen online are part number 6871JB1375D at partstore.com.

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I am so sorry about your problem. I have just gone through (still going through) the same thing with my Amana range that cost $2000 and has broken 7 times (currently NOT planning on repairing again!).

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I have the exact same problem. Did you replace the board and did it solve the problem?

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When I was shopping around and LG was on my short list I was told by a Sears appliance rep that she could not comfortably recommend the LG (even their Kenmore brand made by LG) because of the ongoing issues of fire hazzard. Yup, I ditched it from my list too.

LG has done a good job of making you want their products through effective advertising. It is a shame the product & service does not live up to the hype.

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Add me to the list of unhappy customers. I was scheduled to receive the upgrade offered by LG. Just after they called my ice maker stopped working. Even a full defrost did not get it back. When they arrived they said that the ice maker needed a new control board too. Alas, the control board upgrade burnt up. When the technician called they told him that this was a recurring problem for a whole line. When I called they told me the tech screwed up or it was a bad board and I should have him install another one. Does anyone know the lawyer who brought this case originally? They are trying to get out of complying to the agreement and I think they should get raked over the coals in a courtroom.

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Hi--I just bought a new L G -3 door fridge with a bottom freezer model # L F C 20745 a week ago and see that the bulbs are a 40 watt size now and after reading all the above comments you/s all have my wife and me scared and not sure if i should keep this fridge as i have a month to return it --So what in asking does any one no anything about this new model and what does a person buy these days--at least we were smart enough to take the extented warranty.--thanks and any info would be appreciated.

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I fell in love with the 4 door LG refrigerator and was really wanting this for my new home. Does anyone know about this model?....they really look great~~

Appliances are terrible anymore....my DD's Maytag two oven stove was less than a year old and her stove caught on fire...thankfully, her son was at home.

We have all GE appliances in this home, and we have had nothing but trouble with them...and they are 6 years old and we are having to repair or replace them....and not happy with them either. Right now we are going to have to replace our over the range Microwave....smelled something burning and the dish was cold...a part that is burned out plus the repair service is more than we can get another one for....guess they are making them "throw away"~~

Is there any brand that does not break the bank that is reliable anymore?.....our service man said that Whirlpool seems to be the best, as far as he was concerned.

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Wish I had found this site 3 years ago!
We bought an LG FD refrigerator LFX25960SW from Home Depot (first wrong move) in July '06, and bought a 2-yr extended warranty from them (serviced by GE aka Federal Service Warranty Corp. In less than a year the icemaker failed and we had difficulty getting LG (still under manf warranty) to respond as the install date was one month later than the "purchase" date, but THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT. Subsequently aggravated by ongoing minor parts breaking, and by the icemaker jamming up, which they claimed was due to humidity (BS which others have mentioned.
Finally encountered the "lighting meltdown" last December. Many calls to GE with svc rep TOTALLY ineffective. Never did anything but change the light fixture even tho the ceiling panel was melted from the heat.Four MONTHS of complaint calls finally got referred back up to LG and got a knowledgable tech who declared the unit damaged/replace. Now LG squirming around trying to lowball the replacement offer.
The tech says the new LG's are ok but he has & recommends Samsung - NO problems. Wish I could get a full refund from LG but they want to depreciate 35%...
Anybody know if a class-action has been instituted over this?
Really bad taste in the mouth at this point, and not just from the food which has been spoiled.

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I had the burning light issue in my three door fridge a week ago. I first called LG customer service and I have to say they were wonderful. I expected lots of problems I read in this forum. Luckily they did not even ask for my receipt (I couldn't find it from 3 years ago), just asked the model and when purchased. He said they were aware of the problem and basically have a voluntary recall. The repairs are at no charge. He gave me the closest appliance repair name and number which I called the next day and made an appointment. He was here once, but just took a look to see which parts were needed and will return in a few days. I had also sent an email from the LG website, which was finally answered to day, a week later. It basically apologized a bunch and said they had noticed my case had been handled by phone. Hopefully this will be resolved satisfactorily. I also have an LG stove and dishwasher. I had to have someone come out on the stove right after I got it. It had been wired wrong at the factory, so of course no charge for that. I bought them for their looks just like alot of people, but since I haven't had to spend a dime on them yet, I would have to say so far I'm satisfied.

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I, too, learned the hard way that the light doesn't always go out when you close the refrigerator door. My LG LFC25760 melted like so many others.

I'm pissed that LG has known about this defect for over 2 years and has not issued a recall. Perhaps if everyone files a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (www.cpsc.gov) then they can force LG to do a recall and prevent others from experienceing this problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumer Product Safety Commission

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WOW I just found this thread doing a search engine for "problems with LG Fridges". I have had my french door bottom tilt out freezer for nearly three years. Since the first use the ice bin in the freezer over fills and the ice cubes fall down the back side of the tray and drawer. Also the glides on the crisper drawers in the fridge part keep failing. We bought the extended warranty with this through Best Buy where we purchased. They have fixed these issues five times thus far. I am so sick of calling. The last time the repairman said if it went wrong again they would replace the fridge under the lemon. Well today I called and got in a big fight with the customer care people who told me the warranty (5 year) will not replace the fridge even though we were told it would when we purchased it and again by the repairman. I am seriously thinking of calling a news cast in our area called 5 on your side. The reporter goes to battle for you over poor customer service etc. Now I am reading that LG themselves is terrible in the customer service dept. which would have been my next move since Best Buy will not stand behind their extended warranty. I also have the tromm washer and dryer and have had some issues and I have the extended warranty on it as well. Guess that is going to do me NO good!

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I bought a new ($3000.00) LG French door refrigerator in June '08. After several unsuccessful service calls to correct ice maker trouble and a 25 degree crisper drawer, the frig was replaced in September of '08. We have had the same problems with the new frig.In May of '09 I started calling LG for service. The crisper was reading 13 degrees!. LG service stalled for over a month to find some one who would work for them. It was reported to me by 3 service companies that they will not work for LG because they do not pay for the work that they order. I got back to LG service and they told me that I must now be covered by an extended service plan.LG figured that if they stalled past the one year anniversary date that they could avoid paying for the service. But wait it gets even better.
In August of this year, my service man (three calls to my house and not payed yet for any of them) was informed by the LG Tech support man that my refrigerator was, in fact, a refurbished unit. It was origionly recalled due to LGs "Energy Star" miss labeling class action settlement.
I confirmed this fact with the LG service supervisor that I had been working with for several months.So, two months after I spent $3000.00 for a new frig, I was given a replacement that was worth about $800.00 at best. What an outfit!I wouldn't buy so much as an electric can opener from these crooks!
I originally bought it from my local Home Depot. After I found out that my "new" frig was a refurbished unit, I had a meeting with the Home Depot store manager.In less than five minutes, the Manager arranged for a full refund. So, it is OK to buy from Home Depot, just not a LG product,

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Came home the other night to find the housing that holds the light bulbs was completely melted, as was everything on the top shelf and doors of our LG fridge. Even the outside was hot. Thinking this was a fire hazard, we shut the unit off. This is the fourth problem we've had in four years. As with some of the rest of you, one repair company won't work on LG because they can't get paid for warranty parts.

Calling the customer service department was a real treat. Told them we think we got a lemon & would like a replacement or allowance toward something else. We asked for a supervisor and got Amber who informed us there's no one higher than her. Pretty much told us "sucks to be us"! Told us we can file a complaint with LG but she gets all the complaints. So much for anyone at LG hearing about any issues consumers are having.

She must have thought about any ramifications because she called & left us a message to call LG repair. The repair department told us "Duh, you didn't have to shut off the fridge. Just take the light bulbs out." Seriously? We're going to run something when it's been hot enough to melt the control housing? He arranged for a local company to come out in 2 days (it's already been 2 weeks) at no cost to us. Well, they can repair this one & we'll put it in our barn. Anyone else with a stainless steel, French door beer fridge in their barn? We've already ordered a GE Profile to replace this piece of junk.

We're definitely filing a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (www.cpsc.gov) especially after finding out LG has known about this problem for years! It probably hasn't been recalled because the CPSC has to go through "rhymes-with-witch" Amber too!

We'll NEVER own ANYTHING LG again!!

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LG = Lucky Goldstar. Remember them? They gave a bad rep to Korean products for decades.

Then they changed their name and got clued in that glitzy advertising and fancy externals are the ways to US consumer hearts. Different spots, same crummy animal.

Some Korean mfgs learned better. Hyundai made an effort to improve both their cars and their customer service, to good effect. But LG seems to have taken P.T. Barnum's proverb to heart, and stays with it. It's a shame, really.

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ME Too

Had read the earlier postings AFTER I purchased my LG piece of Crap from Home Depot. Today was the day.... my wife was screaming the fridge was on fire... read above you know the drill... After reading posting after posting I was upset that Home Depot didnt act proactivly and tell consumers that purchased a LG fridge Burn model with the Home depot Credit card that hey - you might want to keep the number to teh fire department handy.... Any way the customer service manager told me that it was the first complaint that she had ever heard about LG lights staying on and cooking the fridge contents... Has anyone else called Home Depot to let them know there is a problem ???

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We also bought an LG French Door refrigerator two years ago and from the first the ice maker could not really keep up with demand. We could and did adjust to that but then it would stop making ice altogether. Since I am a DYI/handyman I took the icemaker out to see what was the problem and initially could not find anything wrong but when I did the ice started working again. This problem kept repeating and getting more frequent till I discovered that the water inlet nipple was freezing over and when I would take the unit apart it would defrost and work again for awhile. Thinking the defrost cycle was not working correctly I was going to call service when I noticed there is a plastic cap that covers the area where the water inlet is located. As a test I removed this plastic cover which allowed the water inlet to get more air flow. As of now the problem is solved, in fact the icemaker has never worked better since the first day we had it. I believe this is just poor engineering. The plastic cover kept the water inlet to cold and it would freeze up. Hope this helps others out there. The plastic piece is held on by one screw and takes a couple of minutes to take off.

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I just happen to know an appliance repair man and when I told him I was looking to buy a LG refrigerator, he shook his head NO! He told me LG has a problem with the capillary tube that carries the refrigerant always cracks, another name for it is the line set. He said once this line cracks, say good-buy to your refrigerator because it can't be replaced, you'll need a whole new refrigerator. He recommended a GE. So now I have to research GE. I'm sure glad I found this site. God must be with me.

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To prevent LG Refrigerator Fire Danger, unscrew and remove the entire light fixture, lens, bulb sockets metal shield --Everything. Purchase a 110V dual LED fixture from home Depot. Pull the cover around the LED Lenses and unscrew the assembly. You can then modify the LED fixture by shortening the unit so it will fit nicely inside the recess at the top of the refrigerator. Cut a small hole and feed the two wires to the 110V plug through the hole so it will mate with the socket that the LG light assembly plugs into. Clip the LG plug off of the LG light assembly and solder the two leads to the pigtail and plug that comes with the home depot LED light display. Affix the shortened LED unit with two short pieces of peel-and-stick into the shallow recess where you had removed the LG light assembly. The new light burns all of 2.8 watts instead of the 120 watts that LG designed into their refrigerator originally. The lights will turn off when the doors are closed. The only lost feature is that if the doors are left open, the lights won't go out because the cheap thermostat that LG put into their light fixture is gone, but so what, NO MORE DANGER OF FIRE. The added benefit is that you now have more headroom as the new LED fixture is flush with the refrigerator ceiling. This is the design that LG should have engineered in the first place.

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Wow ...didn't know so many problems existed with LG fridge
below link is my present problem


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Today I opened my LG LFC25760 refrigerator bought new in 2006 and smelled the burning plastic of the light assembly. I immediately took out the bulbs which prevented total disaster. Add me to the "Never Again LG" club.

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Just found LG fridge French doors, lower two draw freezer model # LMX25988ST. Anyone else had problems with fridge. Seams everyones having problems with older fridges different models. Any feed back would be great. Thanks

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I purchased the french door refrigerator from sears in 2008. Got a notice from LG about the energy upgrade-they sent me the part and Sears came to install. when they left, I noticed a large dent in the right door. After repeated calls and visits by various people they finally replaced the door. This happened in April 2009. Occaisionally the refrigerator would freeze everything and we would need to throw it all out. Now the refigerator stays at 20 degrees no matter what it is set at. LG will do nothing(talked to Ruben in service) They refer you to Sears - I will not have sears in my home unless they come packing a 45 calibre weapon!!!!!! I am going to junk this thing unless someone has a better idea.

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We bought an LG (Kenmore) 795-77304600 on 11/24/06. Within a very short time, naturally just after the warranty period ended, a cheap little plastic latch on the top of the right-side door broke. It was obviously a very poor design, and would cost hundreds to replace. I wrote to the CEO of Sears and complained, which resulted in a free repair--very involved--had to take apart a lot of the door to replace the 15-cent part. Now the unit has stopped cooling and I think we'll just junk it rather than attempt to have it fixed. My choice of servicemen, found on Angie's list, said Sears was the only source of immediate service as far as he knew--said they would be the only ones with replacement parts available on their trucks. But today is Friday and they can't be here until late Monday. Our last refrigerator, a Whirlpool, was still running fine after 30-plus years. This LG is the only one ever needing repairs in the lifetime of my family. We will never buy another of their products.

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I work on these, horrible to work on and getting parts is a nightmare. These and samsung are both Korean companies and they are built to get out of warranty and that is about it. If you get 5yrs it would be very exceptional

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My meltdown happened yesterday; I was totally unaware there had been an ongoing problem. I did some Google research and found these and other complaints. A class-action lawsuit was filed in New Jersey last September. See http://www.topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/lawsuit-news/723-lg-refrigerator-class-action-lawsuit-
and the link to the full case filing.
Hooray! Maybe we'll get some action!

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I manage an appliance store that carries all the leading brands. I must say that we don't have any more problems out of one than the others. I do like LG when it comes to their laundry products but tend to like Samsung or GE (which is made by Samsung) when it comes to French door refrigerators. GE is going to start making their own in 2012 and are suppose to introduce features never before available in a refrigerator. Just remember when it comes to a problem the old saying "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". Also, if there is a consumer help person in your town whether it be a newspaper columnist or TV personality, contact them with your problem. I know when one of those people write me or contact me we take care of the problem at whatever expense because it usually means some good publicity. I have a web-site telling all the great features from the leading manufacturers on new 4 door refrigerators at the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: what makes 4 door refrigerators GREAT!

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I am seeking damages related to medical outcomes from this refrigerator.
I am a parent trying to organize other parents.
If your family has developed GI problems, autoimmune issues, autoinflammatory disorders, subsequent to owning this malfunctioning refrigerator, please contact me.
We need to unite, in order to be heard by doctors, and lawyers.


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I have had the lg lrfd22850 refrigerator for a number of years, and I would NEVER BUY LG again. Right before the warranty expired, my refrigerator stopped working. I lost all my food and hundreds of dollars of refrigerated medication for diabetes. It took what seemed like hundreds of hours on the phone to get it fixed, and then finally get a check for $250 for the loss of food and medicine -- way less than what it was worth. Less than a year later, the same thing happened. It had something to do with the fan in the freezer. Not only wouldn't they fix it again, but they were really nasty. I had to pay. Then, a year later, I had to pay for a new motor for the ice maker. I thought I had a lemon, but now seeing this forum, I see it wasn't just my refrigerator that sucks. I tell everyone I know to stay away from LG appliances because their customer service sucks.

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We purchased our LG FLX31925ST in July 2011 (not quite 14 months ago) and, though it's a huge and beautiful machine, it's been in need of major repairs twice already, one of which occured just two weeks after the warranty expired, OF COURSE.... AND, which was the same issue that had already been repaired the first time while under warranty. Not exactly sure what all they did the first time around. Once we finally convinced LG that we wanted a repair person to be sent out to look at the fridge (this took some major arguing -- they were insistent that we just needed to unplug the fridge for half a day or longer...) the repair guy said he'd been making the exact same repairs on all of these fridges. Unfortunately, the "fix" only made the fridge make it 2 weeks beyond the warranty before having the exact same issue. (Instead of making ice, the water intended to go into the ice maker to freeze instead shot out the ice maker and flooded our floor every 30 to 45 minutes... Nice.....) Now tonight, 6 weeks beyond the warranty going out, the fridge is making the same sound as an automobile makes when the fan belt is going out. The noise stops when we open the doors, but as soon as we close them, the loud noise returns. I called LG's customer support and, other than understanding that the rep wants me to unplug the unit for several hours to defrost it, I couldn't understand a word the guy said because his first language and my language are obviously not the same. ugh....... I have to say that I will never buy LG again. I understand there will be problems with appliances from time to time, however, I also expect thse appliance companies to provide adequate customer service for their customers.

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Will NEVER purchase anything LG again!
Ever since our LG front loading washer turned into a very large expensive Boat Anchor....!

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UPDATE May 2013: I see my last post was in September -- just 8 months ago. And we now have yet ANOTHER problem with this beautiful LG fridge. Now we have NO water and NO ice and the same error message we got when this happened the first time (first of many times now...) Our experience with our LG appliances has been ridiculous. We've had issues with the fridge, washer AND dryer within the first year to 14 months. I am done with LG appliances! I won't even bother to call them this time because they have the worst and rudest customer service I've ever dealt with.

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I bought mine in 2007 and it's broke again!
I have the LFD22860SW
What a beautiful hunk of junk. Within the 1st 6 months it almost caught on fire. Light bulb issues.
6 months later same thing happened again!!!
Also the ice maker over flows, not that big of deal, but just one more straw on the camels back, so to speak. Then the right side door hinge thing, the part that hold it closed broke, then the plastic center shelf cracked, then the drawer edges cracked. It's not like we're slamming food around or putting bowling balls in there. Then It turned it's self off. Ugh!!!
Then it worked fine for about 1 yr???
We redid the kitchen floor and when we moved the frigde back into place, it wont turn on. We checked the plug the outlet, alls good. Stupid thing wont turn on. :(
I think it's jealous of the new dishwasher. lol

I filed a complaint with the company today. I asked the rep if they have a lot of complaints about this fridge and she said "no, no complaints" I almost laughed at her. I asked if it was recalled and she said "no". I'm wondering if she lied about that too. I told her I wanted to file a complaint about it and she said "well, that's going to take quite a bit of your time to do that"
What the heck was she trying to pull??? I just said "I have the time." I swear I could hear her rolling her eyes through the phone. It only took about 20 minutes.
She was doing her job and she wasn't rude, but I could tell she didn't want to file the complaint.
Sorry I just needed to rant.
If anyone else would like to file a complain, Please call 800-243-0000
I think they add up to a recall. Not sure about that, but I'm hoping.
:) Laura

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I also had the burning refrigerator problem and I am very unhappy with my LG lousy good for nothing refrigerator. I lost 3 weeks of work, two full loads of food in my refrigerator and aggravation. I will tell in more details after my tax deadline ends.

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Im having the same problem with my lg fridge. It took a month to finally get the thing fixed. Now i have to beg to get a refund on the food i lost. Everytime i call and ask for the form i need to fill out, they tell me it's on the way. When i say i havnt received it they say they are sending another one. Talked to a consumer relations rep, she said she will type it up now and send it out today. Still waiting. I have a contract that they will not honor. I went on their website and sent an email 3 times and was finally told "this is not their department".

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Well I wish I would have looked here before I purchased my LG (LRSC26923SW) about 5 years ago, because last night I was the last one up in my house and I could smell something burning. Guess what it was my LG refrigerator. I panicked and unplugged it but smoke continued to come out of it so I unscrewed the plate on the back and sprayed it with my fire extinguisher....What a mess!

The repair tech is here now and after reading this forum I don't know if I will have it fixed. I didn't know that refrigerators could catch fire...Hello!

If anyone else has had this happen I would like to hear from you.

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LG would not replace the food that I lost with two full refrigerator and freezer full of food as the refrigerator burned up twice in a week! Once a week passed, I thought the $300 repair fixed the refrigerator but the repair guy came back and told me about the class action suit against LG and I should now get them to do the repair. I kept sending pictures of how bad the lining of the refrigerator was and that I had the fire department here but they could care less and took over a week to come by to fix it and I do not trust the refrigerator so I have a temperature reading instrument inside of it now and a surge protector on it that will turn off the refrigerator if it senses a fire again!

I wish I never fixed the refrigerator the first time and bought a new one!

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LG = laughing Gremlins - long story short - all of our LG appliances have died within 6 years of purchase. Microwave, Fridge, etc. etc. everything. I strongly recommend not to purchase anything from LG. Our LG fridge is a biggest nightmare (most expensive item) and it is so bad its not even funny. From clumsy breaking shelf brackets (each one is about $50.00 to replace - parts alone) a malfunctioning ice maker, to breaking of the water dispenser, faulty temperature control, etc. It is so bad, it feels like a bad Chinese replica of a working unit. Sad part about it is, I paid $1,299 for it during a sale. I bought all LG products after a Lowe's sales person strongly recommended it. Well I'd like to go back and shove it up to him but He is long gone. Maybe some other buyers have strangled him ?

Stay away from LG if you want a working appliance.

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LG does not mean life is good. Life is NOT good if you buy an LG refrigerator. I also before the two almost fires from my refrigerator bought to big LG washer and dyers and I am not happy that I can not see anything on them except for the digital chosen item. I have to use a flash light. The units are 1.5 years old. LG- Laughing Gremlins is cute or Lousy Good for Nothing Refrigerator. I hope they improved their refrigerators as they sure look nice. I think people are happy with their TV's and Cell Phones. They know how to make pretty appliances.

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