Krylon frosted glass finish

awm03June 1, 2008

Where can I buy Krylon Frosted Glass Finish spray or a similar product? I live in a somewhat remote area, work full time, and don't have time to drive to the nearby city & hunt around in various stores.

I was hoping somebody could say, "Michaels always has that in stock," or some such helpful information. thanks very much!

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Sorry no one seems to have an answer for you Awm03. I really didn't even know there was a frosted glass spray. You might check Michael's and Joanne's online and do a search for the product. Maybe get a phone number of a local store and call to be sure they have it in stock before you drive there. Hope you will come back and post pics of your project for us to see. Luvs

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Thanks, luvstocraft. I saw this product in a magazine about 12 years ago. The magazine showed a beautiful powder room where, instead of using curtains, the owner taped lace on the window to use as a stencil, sprayed over the lace with frosted glass finish, then removed the lace: voila! Privacy and light and stylish design.

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I have a magazine article similar to that--I think mine is an entry way, but they just used a stencil and white spray paint! Said it works great and can just be scraped off if you ever change your mind. I'll try to find that article so I can tell you more details. Luvs

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According to Krylon's website they have two products for "frosting". Check it out @

While on their site you can check for a retailer in your area. Hope this helps.

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our local lowes sells it, been around for years, I have used it for alot of crafts and also did my bathroom window used a old lace curtin as a stencil, taped it down and just sprayed a few lite coats, looked great but cleaning will remove the frost after awhile, so its not so great for long term use, was easy to remove, the second time I just sprayed the bottom half of the window, been thinking about useing tissue paper, to look kinda like rice paper, wouldnt last long eather but glue and paper are cheap.

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Oddie, it is good to see you posting again--where you been gal? Luvs

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I seen it today at Hobby Lobby. They had to kinds...

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