Popcorn Bear Cross Stitch

kittiemoonSeptember 13, 2005


I'm looking for Popcorn teddy bear cross stitch patterns I have a couple but would like some others. Please let me know if you can help. email me @ kjmcgaha@msn.com ... I have tatty teddy, care bears, and just about everything else.


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I sent you an email.Hope it works for you, I've had it awhile!

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I too am looking for Pop corn bear and tatty teddy patterns. any help will be appreciated....
email : smitha_mur@hotmail.com

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me too me too! :P i will share the love once i have a few... so if anyone feels like being generous it would be most appreciated... email: ewokrach@hotmail.com
thanks in advance

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I have 5 popcorn charts
popcorn and blueberry storytime
popcorn and souffle balloons
popcorn spring
popcorn the garden
popcorn and coconut friends
will exchage for any I dont have

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I have not heard of Popcorn Bear... Could someone please send me a few patterns. Thanks :)

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What is popcorn bear? I have never heard of it.
Please send a pattern so i can see what it is.

Thank you,

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Hi. I would really appreciate it if anyone can share their popcorn bear patterns with me. I also have some Mirabilia patterns in PC stitch format if anyone wants to trade. Thanks heaps.

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I guess you people don't read! A lovely designer, Sue Hillis, has posted to this board and politely asked that you not trade copies, and now are offering Mirabilia's in PC stitch format. Don't you understand that what you are doing is illegal? These charts all have a copyright on the them and the only one that can reproduce them is the copyright holder. To scan them and then send them out is breaking the law!

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Does anyone have the color chart numbers for the popcorn bears, and all the others.

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