Candy molds

minnie_txJune 3, 2008

You know the clear plastic ones that are useable for candy or crafts . I'll be going thru my stash soon and if anyone is interested let me know. Only price of postage.

they are good if you are pouring slip for clay attachments or for making crayons or for bread dough and candy of course most have never been used.

Just couldn't resist over the years.

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Can you share pics of them?


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If you can post pictures that would be great. I am interested in seeing what you have since I have a small candy business on the side that I just started. Or if you can't share pictures could you give me an idea of what you have. I am mostly interested in molds for wedding, baby/bridal showers but I would be glad to see whatever you have. Thanks!!

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I'll try and check them out soon and post or identify

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