which show in Butler County Ohio?

danaohJune 11, 2008

If you could only do one, which one would you do - the Edgewood High School or the Hamilton High? Both Lakotas are now juried.

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Sorry to see no one has answered you yet Dana. Maybe no one here is familiar with those shows.


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I'm from Central Ohio. I've heard of Butler Co, but not sure where it's at. Hopefuly someone will come along and help you.

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Not sure where these shows are either. Are you close to Mansfield? I am in the NE part of the state. I have a spot with my sister at the Richland County Fairgrounds in December. It is a great show but that is the show that I have to drive two hours. I usually go as a looker before I get into the show the next year. If I see lots of filled bags being carried then that's the one for me...Hope someone can help you.....Di

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Butler County is in the SW corner of Ohio. We are between Dayton and Cincinnati. Edgewood High School is in Trenton, Ohio. Turns out their show is the weekend before
Thanksgiving, 2 days for $50. The Hamilton High show has been cut down to 1 day. Someone at work said they went last year, and there were empty spots and too many pampered chef, etc. I am going to do the Edgewood. I have about 5 purses made from felted sweaters, and have bought and felted another 5 sweaters. Have also already bought about 50 mugs for cake-in-a-mug. Been looking at thrift stores all year. Buy only cups in perfect condition, 49 cents or less. It is surprising how many mugs are brand new. Sell them for $5.

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I did both shows last year and are doing both again this year. We did really well at both. Hamilton, as you said, is only one day now. Last year on Sunday there just wasn't any traffic coming in. The Saturday sells for us were great. At Edgewood we did great both days. There was a lot of people coming in. I would say if I had to choose is to do Edgewood b/c of the 2 days. I hate having to set up and break down the next day. What other shows do you do? We did Fairfield last year but are going to Colerain instead. Fairfield was our worst show. Tons of lookers but not buyers. We also do Minges Pumpkin Festival, Ross High School, Miami University in Middletown, Scaret Heart school, and I can't think of the other one right now.

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just doing the one show this year. Husband is retired, I am not, so he isn't crazy about me being gone on weekends. And no, that isn't his cup of tea so he wouldn't want to come with me. He will help carry in and carry out, but that is about it. Do you remember seeing any recycled sweater purses there? How many cakes in a mug? I also have some darn it dolls and dog scarves I may take. What do you think? You sound like a pro.

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AMBERSCU- Just talked to lady in charge of Edgewood craft show, she said there were about 150 people through there last year, total both days - that doesn't sound too good, does it? I am trying to check into Ross, what do you know about it? Also, how is MUM?

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About Edgewood: There are probably about 150 crafters there. There were tons more than 150 people that came through on the first day alone. I know the chairperson from Edgewood is really sick and medicated, she probably misunderstood the question. I even asked my mother about this before I posted and she agrees with myself. Parking was very hard to find on both days for people coming through.

You do what you think is best but, I do have to say there was some sort of misunderstanding about the number of people.

As far as Ross: We like that show also. I just don't like that it is a 1 day show. I do know that there is a waiting list to be able to get in there.

For Miami, There is only about 10 crafters there. We decided not to do that one this year. It is just too far of a drive for not much money. I did it last year sorta as a favor since I did attend some classes there and knew the staff.

We did pick up Mason Middle school instead for this year. We have never did that one, so I have no idea what the results will be.

We do have a show every weekend until Dec 13th with the weekend after Thanksgiving being our only week off. And, out off all those shows, I am looking foward to the Pumpkin Festival, Edgewood, and Ross the most!

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Oh my goodness, thank you! I have been fretting about it, thinking about trying to pull out. I have 75 cakes in a mug, and have no idea how many you really should take to something like that. At a church show, small, I sold 14 or so, the show was from 10-4 with small attendance. How do you determine how much stuff to take? I have some other things as well.

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I am from Northern Kentucky and I have not done any craft shows in Ohio other than a small one for a favor in Sharonville, Ohio.. but I have been to one of the Milford Ohio Schools Christmas craft show and it was awesome.. it was huge and I know that some of the crafters said they had to wait a couple of years to get a booth.. not sure which school it is, but if I find out for sure I will let you all know.. Milford Ohio is in the Clermont county area..they had every kind of booth you can imagine and most of the crafts were of very good quality.. they use their gym their hallways and certain rooms.. I would venture to say they have at least 200 booths or more..
You can google, craft shows in certain area of the country and see what comes up.. I know I can not have enough crafts done for that kind of show.. but I am going to do some of the smaller ones this year.. with my swags and potato bags and baby blankets, etc. some christmas items also.. I think it is good to have several different kinds of things so you can keep the customers interested once they get to your booth..

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Hi! I am from Southeast Ohio & am doing for the first time the Lakota East show Nov. 15 & 16. I noticed that you mentioned that show but didn't leave any information about it. Have any of you attended before? I had heard on another forum that it was a good show & decided to jury into it. Do you only do non juried shows? Thanks for any info! I am a decorative painter.

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This is my third year doing shows. The first year I only did a couple of small ones. Last year I did an ok one and a dead one. This year I decided to do one 2 day show. I was afraid to try a juried show. Maybe I will have more confidence next year.

BTW - what do you all think is going to happen to craft shows with the economy?

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As for myself: I have never done a show at either Latoka West or East. I have attened the West show before. It is huge. There is a lot of crafts there and people. We did check into doing either East or West this year but opted not to. They require that you only use 2 crafting mediums and I use more than 2.

My juried and non-juried shows even themselves out. I think I have an even number of both. I like the juried shows in a way because they limit the number of crafters with the same craft as yours. And, they also keep vendors out, for the most part.

maltezeoscar- Are you doing any other shows?

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Amberscu- what do you mean 2 mediums?-

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Amberscu.....this past weekend I did the Bob Evans Farm Festival in Rio Grande, Gallia County. It is 3 days & held on his original farm. I have been doing it several years & it just keeps getting better. This will be my first time to venture into the Southwest part of the state. I have done shows in Columbus & that area,& Athens & the rest are out of state. Have you heard of the Backwoods Fest in Thornville? It is a real good show,too.

Good luck with sales this holiday season!

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I will try to explain this as best as I can. A crafting medium, as I understand it, is the "base" material. Like if you make items out of wood, that would be 1 medium. Then if you make items out of fabric, that would be the 2nd medium. Which means if you knit or crochet you could not use it because yarn would be a 3rd medium.

Now within that medium, you can do anything with it. Like wood, you could make chairs or you could make recipe boxes. That would be considered 1 medium because they both come from wood.

This is how it was explained to me. I hope I was somewhat clear!

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It is nice to fellow Ohioans on here. I am from Marion, Ohio. The farthest I have went is to Newark Ohio. I am wanting to expand. Anyone willing to share info on some good craft shows?


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amberscu- edgewood - are the booths 8 wide and 10 deep or 10 wide and 8 deep? Talked to chairman, she was not sure. Asked about location map before set-up. Said not available. Too bad, set-ups depend on location - corner, wall backing or surrounded on 3 sides by other booths.

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I think they are 8 deep. I am not sure b/c we get a narrow hallway where we are the only ones there. Our space only has depth for the table and we sit across from it. Do you know what area you are in? Hallway, gym, or cafeteria?

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Amberscu - got my confirmation just yesterday. I am in the gym in booth #11. Would like to have been given a layout, too, but guess just glad to get a confirmation - see ya there!

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I did the Lakota East show this past weekend & it was GREAT! All the crafters were top knotch, the organisers were very friendly & helpful AND I sold almost $2000! I was told that there were around 6000 customers on Saturday & I would guess there were probably another 1000 (at least) on Sunday. And they were buying!!! I saw LOTS of bags going out of there. I will definately keeo this one on the schedule for hext year!

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maltezeoscar - that sounds so great!! So, tell me about how you got in, what do you sell, is there a waiting list, etc, etc. My one and only is this weekend. I am so excited and have put so much time and effort into it, wish I were doing more. Seems a waste for one 2 day event.
BTW - do you have a maltese?

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Danaoh, I applied last year & was accepted for the show this year. It is juried, so I know that I sent in pictures along with a self-addressed envelope. I can't remember if there was an application or not. I think I got the information from the school website. Then once I was accepted, they sent me a contract to send back in with my check. I hope that helps. :-) I am a decorative painter. I paint on just about everything that sits still. LOL My average price point is around $25.00.

And, yes.....I have one spoiled Maltese! And his name is Oscar. Thus my username. He is stretched out on my lap right now as a matter of fact! (such a baby! >smile

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I am shocked that your maltese would be spoiled. My maltese/poodle(?) rescue, is , of course, not at all spoiled. She is totally trained and never sits on furniture, in the bed, or looks at you with those eyes.

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Danaoh; I'm smiling as I envision your little maltipoo stretched out on your bed looking at you with those deep brown eyes totaly desiring a treat! LOL!

BTW.....I forgot to say, good luck at your show this weekend!!!!!

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