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BeadaJune 10, 2007

Hello! Although I don't get here as often as I'd like, it is the FIRST place I come when I need a clever craft project, poem, or idea. :-) I am directing a Girl Scout Day Camp with a Fairy Tale theme in about a week. I always get small gifts for the adults who help, since they are all volunteers. I found some pens at the dollar store with crowns on the top of them. I also got some cheap photo albums with a space for a picture in front. I'm going to "bling them up" with some rhinestones that I've ordered and will take a picture of each group to put in the front. (Each leader will get a picture of her group.) I purchased a can of peas for each adult with the intent that I would call them "Princess and the Peas" gift bags. I was wondering if anyone could come up with a cute poem that I can use to attach to each bag. I would soooo appreciate it! I'm just not good at poetry and I've seen so many cute ones here that people have written.


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Hopefully, some of these creative ladies can help you. I'm not good at poems either. Sounds like a fun theme for camp, hope everyone has lots of fun. Luvs

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On my honor, I do confess
Girl scout helpers are the best
You're always there, never let us down
I'd like to present you with this crown.
A little token, from my heart
For being there, right from the start
So when you write or jot it down
Think of us when you see this crown

hope it helps

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You SEE why I come here first? That is a great poem, kattydid! I'd like to give you credit for authoring it. If you'd like to have me use your name, you can e-mail it to me at Thanks so much! I absolutely love it! :-)


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You're welcome Beada, No problem, use away.I love making up poems.

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Beautiful job kattydid, love your poem!
Happy Crafting

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Kattydid, so glad you could help with a poem. That is a nice talent you have there. ;o) Luvs

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That was awesome and cute ideas. As a former girl scout and leader I really miss those days so I recently volunteered to lead singing for a group. I can still get up and down with the best of them!!1 Deanna

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