Balloon Celebration Stamped table cloth

didi84prSeptember 9, 2005

Has anyone remember seeing a tablecloth that had ballons on it? I don't know who the manufacturer was it was a while ago. I wanted to buy it and never did. I just loved it. It was used for general occassion parties with colorful ballons all over it. It was a stamped cross stitch. Any info would be great. I have seached the web, ebay etc. Any other suggestions.

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Two places you could check are and I think Herrschners carries a lot of stamped cross stitch.

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Thanks so much but it is something that I saw years ago and so mad I didn't buy it and put it away. I do that on many projects that I know that I really like and can't get to it right away so I will purchase it and put it away. At the time didn't have the cash so I didn't buy it. My sister in law and I are so mad at ourselves. Well if you happen to see one please keep me in mind.

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It is Bucilla 40539-40542 (numbers are different for different sizes) -- napkins are 40543. I don't know if it is still being produced -- I bought mine at Herrschners at least 15 years ago, but they don't have it now. Neither does JoAnn Fabrics. You could try to track down Bucilla and contact them directly for it. Let me know if you are successful -- I'd like another set of napkins! I'm still working on mine -- have let it sit for about 12 years and now am sworn to finish it in the next year. We'll see if I can! At least I'll be making more progress than I have in the past.

Good luck!


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