How do you crafters

waddlesJune 19, 2008

find out about a show. We have an event this August and usually have a few crafters along with food vendors. I am in charge of the vendors and wanted to know how to get the word out?


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Do you have a zzstar or a craigslist - these are both free internet sites where you can list the event and invite crafters to contact you about joining you. Also you can go to your local sewing store, Hancock fabrics, Joannes, Wal-Mart and put up a notice telling them about your event. An ad in the local paper would help too. Do you have a local farmer's market with craft venders? Hand out flyers there too. Hope this helps

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I get a free booklet put out by the Wisconsin bureau of Tourism. It lists the craft fairs for the whole year , the attendance , the booth price - who to contact - all kinds of stuff. To find it - I googled "Craft fairs Wisconsin" . You might try your own state and see if you have one.

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FlamingO in AR

I have no clues for you, but just wondered if there will be a margarita vendor? If so, dates and times, please!


Admit it- the lines would be looooong at that booth!

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Hey Flamingo

There is a bar right on the road that we have the event and since I had a few margaritas there on Saturday I know they have some. lol

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FlamingO in AR

Oooh, how terribly convenient, Waddles. :) Rocks, or frozen? Salt or naked? I'm a rocks w/salt girl myself.

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Waddles...years ago a friend of mine and myself ran a craft show at our kids school...Advertise , Advertise, Advertise...We put up posters in stores...every place we could think of advertising that we were having one . We put it in the paper. We sent home flyers with the school kids. Then we did the same again to advertise to the public what day the craft show was. We always had a great turn out. That was in the early days of the craft shows...They really went over big.

I sold at craft shows for about 22 years. I miss how it was in the early days.


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Go to

You can list your show free and you WILL get responses. Just be honest when filling out the form and be as complete as possible.
Craftlister is the largest online craft and event search out there. People will put in their Zip code and a radius they will travel. If you are in that radius, your listing comes up. It's a nationwide listing service.

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Thanks for all of your responses. I am looking into some of these suggestions.

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A lot of stores will allow you to put a colorful flyer in their shop windows. All you have to do is ask.


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Hi, I'm a newbie here, but wanted to make the suggestion that when you have crafters sign up for your show, give them a half a dozen flyers and ask them to hang them up in their local stores, churches or wherever they see fit. Also, any newspapers that have "community events" section works really well. sometimes they are even free! One of the local TV channels here in town offers free advertising on their news broadcasts. They have a runner across the screen during the news on Saturday mornings with all the community events. And that is free too!!

Good luck and I hope the show does really well for you!

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