tattle tail

mstevensonJune 6, 2008

My daughter teaches 3rd grade and she is wanting to hang a tattle tail in her classroom that she can tell the kids to talk to when they need to tattle. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make something? Thanks

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Never heard of a tattle tail. I'm curious to see what others come up with.

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hmmmm - how about a braid of barbed wire with a some sort of sign about the tatttle tail being prickly and mean - that it is something others do not want to be around and maybe somehow mention that when tattlers point fingers at someone else, they are pointing three fingers at themselves. Try pointing - three fingers DO point back to you. Gosh - I hope someone can help you more thasn this - it sounds like a great idea. I belong to a group of crafty ladies and I'll post this question there for you.

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this was a fast reply from Penny...

My neice has one in her classroom. Its a big smiley face with a braided yarn tail hanging down. She done hers on thick board put smiley face on both sides and place the Tail in between. I think one side is smiling and the other is frowning. Very cute and gets lots of attention. LOL. She has 2nd graders.

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Thanks grandma bonnie for the ideas. Your niece's sounds really cute. I wish I could come up with crafty ideas.
Thanks again, Mary

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Well in costume designing they sometimes use a knee high or stocking, filling it with everything frm quilt batting to packing peanuts, then cover it with fabric or fun fur and attach it like a belt. To me wearing a tail would be really embarassing for any child who was not part of a group dressed the same way.
How about a big bunny tale? Made like a huge yarn pom pom or even fun fun.

good luck,

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I definately would not want a child of mine to be made to wear a tail and be embarrissed in school or to have a dangerous barbed wire tail hanging in the schoolroom. To me it just sounds like she wants the kids to "tattle", hopefully, privately to an inanimate object instead of a person in authority. And again, there could be a fine line between hearing something important vs. not. Here a some links for better dealing with this issue:


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Not sure what is wrong with embarrassing a child...I sometimes think that kids are not embarrassed enough period. I can't think of ever hearing that anyone ever died of embarrassment, although there were times as a teen that I thought I would. It's getting ridiculous when they are getting away with anti-social behaviour.

3rd grade - old enough to understand that barbed wire hurts and leave it alone. I probably wouldn't do it in kinder.

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