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savacreepJune 11, 2010

I'm trying to find a company/individual who would have the ability to make me a custom display booth for my denim clothing and purses. One that would be easy to transport to shows and fit in my Mom's van, and under my tent. Yea, I know I ask for too much! lol Anyone have any experience or suppliers they trust? Thanks!


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My DH was always my builder ! LOL I'd pay attention to other people's displays , get ideas , and change them abit to what I needed. I Had a small car at the time - he had to make everything so it would fit in the back. It was like putting together & taking apart a jig saw puzzle everytime I had a show ! Most every crafter I 've ever talked to , said their DH (or a relative ) made theirs. Commercial displays cost an arm & a leg .( I checked long ago ) I hope you can find somebody to help you - the display is what attracts people to your booth. Maybe you'll get some good suggestions here. Cross your fingers !

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Thanks! I wish my DH was handy like that, but he's creative in other ways! LOL I know exactly what you mean about it being like a jigsaw puzzle getting everything in your car! My Mom and I do this together and she had the perfect van! Our grids fit, all our totes fit, it was so easy to pack for a show. Till one fateful morning when it was full and we were on our way to a show we got broadsided by a stupid woman who ran a red light and destroyed that beautiful van. Mom wasn't hurt, I have permanent nerve damage in my neck that causes severe pain in my shoulder and neck. Fun! Mom got another van, an even more beautiful one, but that's just the problem... the grids if not very VERY careful will tear the leather interior. The way the seats are our totes don't fit with the grids, so my wonderful father has had to do the hauling in his pick up. He's not really happy about that! Can't blame him really.

So we figured we'd try to find something that can be torn down easily so Mom and I can do it ourselves, fit in her van, and look wonderful. I need to befriend a carpenter! LOL

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OMG ... What a horrific event. Just reading that , I want to reach through the screen and hug you ( without hurting your neck ) ... And you're well enough to do more fairs ? OMG .... I hope your pain is controlled. You didn't deserve that .

As for suggestions for carpenters that can build an exact display that you want . I have one suggestion. Senior citizens. You'd have to work with them ... explain your needs & your exact dimensions ... but boy -- they can build stuff . The senior center here has a workshop - older guys willing to build anything. If you don't have a senior center -- put a free ad in your local paper. I guarantee there are older men just looking for a project
to do . Those old guys are as smart as a whip & just as clever. I wish you so much luck ... take care & feel better ..


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You are so sweet! I'd take that hug!! I've been in physical therapy since the accident and on meds. They have been weaning me off the meds and I'm doing ok. Still have a good supply of them when I have a bad day though! I'm starting the process of settling the case against the woman who hit us. I just want to be rid of all of the lawyers, insurance companies and all the headaches this has caused, literally and figuratively! lol

Senior Center... never thought about that, but what an excellent idea!! We do have a very busy senior center in town and they will be at the top of the list of phone calls I need to make today. Thank you bunches for the suggestion and your caring words!!

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If there was a single company who supplies exhibitors with display items, it's Woodland Marketing.

They make foldable slatted display panels that be arranged to suit just about anybody's display needs. They're lightweight and will last for years.

I see them at every show I do.

You have to register to see the prices, but that's no big deal. They are worth every penny.

Here is a link that might be useful: Woodland marketing

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Thank you so much!! I just requested their catalog. They might have a few things that might work. I really appreciate it!!


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Can't you just use the metal shelving from HD? You could spray paint it or even wrap fabric/silk vines around the vertical pieces that hold it up. Just my 2 cents since I would have to do it on my own also. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: shelving

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Shelving wouldn't work for us, we need hanging. I do denim clothing and purses. We ended up spending about an hour in Lowes and figured out a display using PVC. We've yet to find a day to put the unit together and see if it will work, but for all the supplies it was under $50 so I'm crossing my fingers it will work. thanks so much for the suggestion!

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I'm a big fan of PVC. I've found, over the years, that after you've built your structure, you will want to glue some of the parts together. It will go up much more quickly. Maybe you'll just glue the fittings on some straight pieces, or maybe you have room enough to glue each of the sides together. But don't have it ALL come apart. If you do, you'll be FOREVER assembling it. In addition, if you do glue parts together, mark where it ISN'T glued. That way, you know where to give it a little wack with a rubber mallet to take it apart.

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Thanks for the advice! We need to measure Mom's van and figure out how long we can make the pieces and that's exactly what we are gonna do. You are right, it would take forever to build this structure everytime we were at a show. I think it's gonna work, just need to build it and take it from there. I'll have to figure out how to post pictures on here to show you what we've come up with.

thanks again for everyone's suggestions!

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Here are a couple of structures I've done, copying others on the internet.

Note the first pictures in the Playhouse link and scroll to the last pictures in the Lemonade Stand link.


Lemonade Stand

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Wow! I am so impressed with your work! Thank you so much for the inspiration! After I get my kitchen finally painted, my next project is our booth. My next show isn't until Sept. so I've got awhile to work out the kinks with it. Again, thank you so much!

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Oldalgebra, that's incredible!
I should make some holly hock frames using the same principles. I could add to them as the plants got taller. Rebar pounded into the ground first. I think I would use electricians pvc since it is gray. I discovered that Oops washes off the lettering.

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