Exterior Stain Selection Help Needed!

jeshanmtNovember 18, 2012

We are using a white wood for our trim and siding and are in desperate need of help finding a good stain color. We began with a product from Rodda Paint (slightly tweaked version of Oswego Chocolate if anyone is familiar). Either because of the yellow characteristics of the pine or the nature of the stain it has cured to a very yellow/orange tan color that we hate! We have really dark bronze windows that have a cool hue to them and roofing is also really dark brown and black mix. The tiny sample chips from the big home improvement stores and searching online for full pictures has been absolutely no help...so I am turning to you!

Please post pictures of the exterior stain you selected along with the wood species it was applied to. Thanks to all in advance.

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First off go to a paint store do not buy paint, stain or finishes in a box store> Now we need to know what "white wood" would be before we can offer help.

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I have been working with a paint store, and purchased many samples before making a selection. As the color is curing it is turning more and more yellow, and I am unhappy. At this point my only choice will be to go much darker than the medium tone I originally chose and cover the color I do not like. I was hoping to see examples of stains in a large scale rather than staining one sample or one board; making a choice and be disappointed. I'm looking for a cool toned dark brown semi-transparent. "White wood" is a very common term around where I live meaning spruce or white pine.

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Which is it though as both spruce and white pine are different woods and will take stain entirely different, in fact depending on the type of spruce it may take stain horribly in my opinion and white pine takes stain quite differently depending on the graining.

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