It's hot outside and I need to sit and stitch.....

budsterAugust 12, 2004

in a cool quiet room with no distractions...some soft music perhaps and a cold ice tea. Anyone have such a place?? It isn't anywhere near where I am the corner with a fan blowing but not helping...TV blaring and people asking what I'm cooking tonight....besides my temper. Where is your favorite place to stitch..well, I can dream can't I? Bud

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It's the fan and the television blaring Bud. It will drive a person crazy. Sitting in a corner is the worst place to be because no air circulates around you and the television on just creates more heat. Forget the stove, fire up the grill and grill outside. How hot does it get in B.C. in summer?

I would go outside and sit in a comfy lawn chair under a shady tree or create your own shade dressed to respectable minimum with a gallon of cold drink. That's what I do.

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My DH works every other Saturday, so I know I'll get at least one day every couple of weeks for peace and quiet! :-)

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