What do you do to kep the edges from fraying?

sulleyAugust 27, 2004

I will be starting a new cross stitch project and wondered what everyone places around the edges of your working fabric to prevent fraying of the material. I have placed tape on the edges before, but the cross-stitch shop says that is not a good idea?!! This has worked for me in the past. What does everybody else do?

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I do framed pictures and samplers. I use masking tape or scraps of iron on interfacing doubled over like masking tape that work quite well. If I'm using stamped goods or a finished item like a tablecloth and napkins, I don't bother.

What new cross stitch project will you be starting?

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I will be starting 'Tall Ship' from the 1992 Keepsake Calendar. I have been looking all summer and have finally found something that I think is really special. I finished a flower sampler this past spring, and then felt lost when I had nothing to do. It takes me a long time to finish a project and I did not want to ruin the edges.

What are you working on?
How long does it take you to finish a piece/project?

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Which ones? I have a whole tough tote full of half done waiting to be finished. One I struggled with for over 20 years and finally got determined to get it done, which took me a week. Then I grabbed two others and finished those in about two weeks. Remodeling and painting started, I just got through with that, so I hopefully will be back to sewing and cross stitch soon.

Are you going to frame Tall Ships? If you frame, you do not have to worry about edges, just tape them or use fusable interfacing that you can trim off later when you frame it.

It is always recommended to make the ground fabric larger than the actual finished size in case you do get some fraying and later clean finish the work.

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I zigzag the edges using Seams Great. That way there is not sticky tape residue.

I have a tall ship picture to do for DH - it's like an old fashioned map in the background with the ship in an oval in the middle. Someday...>sigh<...>

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There is a product for this...it is called "Fray Check". It is a liquid that you run along the edges of yoour project before you start and then they will not fray. I usually get it at a craft store but I have seen it at Walmart. Hope this helps.

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I have a serger so i serge mine,but have been know to use masking tape as well.

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