Chalkboard pens/markers

mjowestJune 30, 2013

I've seen on Pinterest, the neatest handwriting on chalkboard things- and I can't get it with normal kid's chalk-

so I did a little research, and they sell chalkboard pens or markers, on Amazon for $5-
one review said it didn't wash off her wall, so she had to repaint.

I don't want to spend $5 if it doesn't work- and when I went to Hobby Lobby, they directed me to dry erase markers.

has anyone had experience with these?

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I found dry erase crayons at WM and they are fun! It comes in a package of 8 with a microfiber clot - tey don't dry out!
... they are cool!~ I use a board in my kitcen to write everyting - from appointments to grocery list - can't imagine life without it - I'm thinking of getting some for my grndsons room so he can get creative with it - and he loves words(he's borderline autistic) sorry -- this info can't help you but had to share...

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Here's my own answer.

The chalkboard pens are for use on the premade chalk pieces- I think they must be like ah adhesive type thing you attach to wood.

they will NOT work on painted or spray painted chalkboard surfaces.

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