Glass Blocks

logan001June 25, 2007

I want to make the glass blocks with lights inside, but I need my lights to be battery operated, any suggestions?

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You can find the battery operated small lights at Michael's Craft Store, look in the "Wedding Accessories" aisle.

Or type "battery operated lights" in your web browser line and I'm sure you'll come up with several sites to check.

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Sorry, I meant to add - those battery operated lights I spoke of at Michael's, don't last very long even though I've used 2 brand new C batteries.

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Unless they have come up with some new kind, I dont care for the battery operated lights, you have to remove the battery when not in use or it runs them down fast, and the lights arent very bright, but they are made for wedding and short term use, so I guess they are good for what they are ment for.

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The little battery operated tea lights from the Dollar Tree last up to 60 hours
The set of 6 from Michaels last 100 hours each. With a 40% off coupon you can stock up on them
They use the little flat batteries. I use them instead of the real candles

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how sucessful have you been with drilling the holes for the lights ?
i have tried,,, and wasnt that sucessful...

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I have a diamaond drill bit. I am a demonstrator for uppercase living and we have decorative vinyle embellishments that fit on the block. It makes a simple block look great! It is a very easy process but you need to be very careful you don't shatter the block. If you are still interested in more info...let me know! Log on to use ID#800929 and Token: Berringer. View the FALL will give you great ideas!

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