Gas oven (Capital) turning itself on

nf85December 16, 2012

Good morning,
The oven on our 36" Capital Culinarian range has begun turning itself on. I hear it ignite, the light goes on, it fires for a minute or two, and then goes off again. The oven overall has been a disappointment and I've had a half-dozen service calls for running low, or high, or baking inconsistently, but this is new and alarming. Has anyone seen this before? I've e-mailed the company but don't expect to hear back immediately. In the meantime, is unplugging it advisable, or does that risk simply having the gas run without igniting?

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Maybe your house is haunted.

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I apologize on this forum's behalf for Jannie's answer. While I myself do not know the answer to your question, I googled "gas oven turning on by itself", and got a lot to read. I am linking one response below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yahoo Answers Why Gas Oven Comes on by Itself

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I recommend calling Capital rather than going through e-mail. You need to speak with a live person.

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I second BFF's recommendation. Call them directly on Monday morning at 8:00 Pacific. Ask for Bob, the head of service. I know sometimes another person or two has done some service call intake, but insist on Bob if possible. Then follow-up with him every day or two if he hasn't been back in touch with you.

Independent service companies doing work for Capital (and every other appliance manufacturer out there) are hit and miss. If you're not happy or haven't gotten resolution with whomever they've sent, call Bob immediately afterwards and tell him what you've experienced.

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Thanks very much, everyone. I spoke with Bob today and he will send someone from a different firm out--hopefully soon. In the meantime, I've unplugged the range.

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